-20- / -Good idea Mr.Gnome-

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Part. 20 -Good Idea Mr.Gnome-

"Saving people, hunting things. The family business." SuperNatural.

Cass over here has a condition where she talks in her sleep, keep that in mind.


I rolled around in the bed, My body hitting another. I gripped the blanket tight around my body, sweat slowly coming up on my body. I slightly opened my eyes to see the dark figure next to me. I jumped and tried moving away when his arm stopped me.

"Cassandra calm down its only me." A familiar voice that belonged to Hayden said.

Hayden sighed and I looked up a little bit from the blanket. I was able to catch a glimpse of Hayden's bed hair.


"It's cause your on your period" my conscious told me.

"Shut up you silly clapper." I whispered to myself. They're was another dip on the bed and I turned around to see Hayden sitting on top of my bed with his back against the headboard and Julian faced the other direction with his legs close to my face. Hayden layed his legs on the edge of the bed.
This is comfortable.
Julian turned on my Tv and put Netflix on.
Surely enough I dose off into another dreadful dream.


"You asshole leave me alone." I mumbled. I moved my hand and it landed on a strong but soft surface.
"Stop." I swapped my hand and felt it contact with what felt like a cheek?

"Stop.." I whispered.

"Stop." I moved my hand up and felt a soft feeling fur. When did I get a dog?

"Please! Stop!" I yelled and flung my eyes open.

To meet a pair of amused Electric green eyes. I looked down to see that I am practically completely on top of him. One of my legs was across his legs and the other beside him. I slowly closed my eyes wanting to drift off again. I didn't bother moving my body off of him, because there wasn't any point.

His hair is so soft oh my god.

I rolled off and fell on top of my very soft bed. I lifted my leg up and it came in contact with something. I didn't bother to open my eyes. I heard a groan and a comforting chuckle next to me. Shit. I'm not going to get any sleep. I sighed and turned back around and slapped the person who was laughing to shut the hell up.
I heard Castiel yell at Dean and I groaned.

"Why did you slap me?" Hayden asked. I ignored and went back to my sleep.


"Did I ever mention how soft his hair is?" I mumbled in my sleep.

"Yea it's really soft like." I scratched my head and looked down at the woman that I shot by a accident.

"Maybe you should touch his hair again." Mr. Gnome told me.

"Yea good idea Mr. Gnome right after I take these red heels off of her, she's really old and ugly like a Grinch." I snored. I heard faint chuckles in the background but didn't bother to listen.

"So you like who's hair?" Mr.Gnome asked me.

"Well of course it's Hayden's ya know... Can you help me I can't pick her up!" I turned around in the bed.
"Well I can't help you I'm too small."

I turned around, right before my whole world went pitch black.

I stood in a small yellow dress, my mother brushing my hair in the mirror. She smiled brightly looking down at me.

No. This isn't right.

She began laughing, laughing wickedly, evily even. I backed away from her as tears flowed out of her eyes. A dark shadow towered over mine and I immediately knew who it was.


I turned around and looked at him. He stood tall in a dark red suit. He walked over to my mom and slapped her, Her body hitting the counter of the bathroom. I screamed at him, wanting him to get away.

"Daddy stop it! You're hurting mommy!" I screamed.

Daddy ignored me. He kept hitting her. He hit her until her eye was swollen shut. The whole time mommy was looking at me, starring at me as she got hit. I couldn't move, I couldn't close my eyes. But I knew it was all a dream.

It's all a dream Cassandra it's all a dream.

It's all a dream Cassandra it's all a dream.

It's all a dream Cassandra it's all a dream.

It's all a dream Cassandra it's all a dream.


Now this chapter kind of goes into a realm of her nightmares, and her father... But just a bit okay my loves!

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Love you guys, Byes!! Victoria❤️  

Love you guys, Byes!! Victoria❤️  

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