-25- / -The Two Pills-

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Part. 25 -The Two Pills-

"I don't love you, like I did, yesterday." My Chemical Romance.


My heart beated at an unusual pace. Unsteadily.

Man was I a whimp. I can't even open a stupid locker without having a panic attack. Isn't that kinda funny?

I can't be independent. I freak out over the littlest things.

Did I forget my pill today in the morning?

"Why are you so quiet?" Hayden asked me. 

"I'm just thinking... Where are we going?" I said silently.

" Well we aren't going back to the school by the looks of it... Unless if you wanna stay there. " He told me.

"Why would I want to go back?" I asked him.

"Okay then." 

"I'm hungry... we getting food okay?" I just shook my head. This whole scene that just passed made me want to throw up. 

Prince Charming comes and sweeps the damsel in distress and takes her out and saves her.

So fake.

I suddenly had an epiphany. I can only imagine how I looked me having a stupid panic attack over a damn locker.

A locker.

I'm always doing this. I sighed loudly. My life is truly sad. Over a locker, now this. I'm always crying over something. I'm such a cry baby.

Everything I do. First with me just seeing Alex, I've done this over the dumbest things in the world.

I can't get over how it was over a damn locker man.

It could've made more sense over anything else. But it had to be a locker. I even had tears slip out of my eyes for this. I cleared my mind. Forget everything Cassandra. I reached into my bag and pulled out medicine bottle and looked at the prescription.

Anti Depressants.

Definitely needed.

I opened the bottle and took two.

Two pills.

I didn't notice that Hayden had stopped the car and gotten out. He opened my car door and I looked at him as he looked at the two pills in my hand and the medicine bottle. He looked back up at me and before  I even knew he snatched the bottle from my hand, sending some of the pills scattering.

I squeezed shut the hand that had the pills and he eyed me.

"Why are you drinking these?" He asked me and tried to grab my hand but I moved it out of his reach.

"Why are you drinking these?" He repeated.

"Because the doctor told me to." I said nonchalantly.

"Don't drink them." He demanded.

"You don't understand they help-"

"No I do understand, and I know when i'm telling you to stop!  I'm positive that you have already had two of these pills in the morning!" He yelled and I winced. 

"I'm sorry... just please listen, don't drink these pills." He shook the bottle. I placed my hand behind my back.

"Cassandra.. let go of the pills in your hand." He looked at me deadly.

"I'm sorry." I said. I scooted across the seat quickly to open the other side of the door, But he grabbed my arm.

I should've known Cassandra you are so dumb please explain.

"Drop them." he got closer to me.

"No Hayden just let me take these, its not bad!" I yelled.

"No-" I tried to wiggle my hurt hand out from under his hand.

"let me-" He tried grabbing my other arm.

"No Cassandra-" I tried moving away from him. and he pulled me closer towards the door that was already open.

"let me go!" And my back slipped and I was left laying down on the seat with Hayden holding my arms looking down at me.

I still tried to move my arms but the wouldn't budge.

"Don't cry." Hayden told me softly. 

"I'm not crying. " I said harshly.

"Yes you are. " He let go of my arms and grabbed the hand that had the pills.

"Why would I be crying over stupid pills huh? I'm not crying!" I yelled at him.

"Oh really? Touch your face." He challenged me. I was still on my back in the seat and he was looking at me with his emerald green eyes. I lifted my hand with the cast and softly touched my cheek and indeed I was crying.

Why would I have been crying oh my god Cassandra.

I felt a small tug on my fingers and when I look Hayden took the two pills and tossed them behind him onto the grass.

"I just don't feel good. " I sighed giving up. Hayden pulled me up and stared at me. I looked down onto my sweaty palms that were shaking slightly. I felt two hands go around my back and I was pushed into a cotton T-Shirt. Hayden was hugging me.

It took me a second to realize it but he was hugging me. Hayden was hugging me. I wrapped my small hands around him and hugged him back.

Warmth and the scent of his cologne engulfed me. I wish that it would last forever. Just this. To stay like this.

I put me head on his chest and just sat there. In silence. I must've gotten too into the moment to have noticed that Hayden had already let go of me. I removed my head from his chest and he put his hands behind his back to unravel my hands from around his waist. He looked at me in the eyes and his jaw tightened.

"this never happened got it?" He demanded and pushed his hair back as he walked away.

I sat there frozen. I moved my hand up to my face.

What the hell just happened?



How have yall beennnn sweethearts?

(lowkey feel like I'm going to change the name back. Two Pills can just be a little special thing on my story.)


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