-31- / -Be Normal-

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Part. 31 -Be Normal-

"Slient in the trees." ~ Twenty One Pilots


"Who did it?" Hayden yelled across the room.

"What are you talking about Hayden?!" I stood up from my seat. He huffed and walked over to me and took my wrist.

"This. This wasn't an accident Cassandra." He said seriously.

He thinks i'm really gonna tell him.

My whole body was shaking from fear.

I'm not gonna tell him.

"It was just a girl who shoved me in the bathroom and I fell and I fell on top of a glass soap holder." I said avoiding his eyes. He dropped my arm and walked away.

"Okay Cassandra." He said softly.

I don't care if he's hurt right now.


I don't care that I lied.


You don't matter.

"My arm barely hurts anymore you know." I mumbled before walking up the stairs entering my room.

' Be a normal friend and don't question it, believe what I tell you is true, even though you damn well know it isn't. '


So i'm going to be posting shorter posts, almost like a... Story log if you want to say.

I have some... interesting plansss for this story in the future, knowing that you guys are gonna love it yet hate it at the same time.

so super quick post, but it has a very very important meaning.

SO remember this post. or part.

PPP.SSS: I was just fixing a little part of the story and I saw how short this is and I nearly screamed. 

I'll fix it in the future 

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