-29- / -A Game For Two-

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Part. 29 -A Game For Two-

"The waves of the water, mean nothing to me." ~ Twenty One Pilots


"-Or right after coffee or right when I can't eat. I miss you in my front seat, still got sand in sweaters, from nights we don't remember." Hayden sang while I mumbled the lyrics in m head.

"Question, how long did it actually take for you to drive here?" I asked, he paused his singing and smiled.

"About an hour and a half," he smirked.

"Well..." I patted my pants, "Timmy is an average kid, who no one understands. Mom and dad and Vicky always giving him commands!..." Hayden soon started to sing along and at one point we started yelling out the lyrics,

"GREEN MOOSE! GUAVA JUICE! GIANT SHAKE! BIRTHDAY CAKE! LARGE FRIES! CHOCOLATE CAKE!" We both yelled out laughing, considering that Fairy Odd Parents was a huge time in our childhood.

"Damn, I can't even remember the last time I watched that show." Hayden said.

"Oh well I can, Just yesterday." I said pulling my hair back. He laughed quietly, and I just sighed. another hour to go and we would be at Julian's house.

"Hey lets play a game." Hayden said.

"Sure." I sat straight.

"Well actually it really isn't a game, it's just saying random facts about us."

"Okay you start." I told him.

"1. I have a birthmark on my back shaped like a heart." He said while looking at the road. A heart shaped birthmark? Ain't that funny, a'miright?

"Alright, aright. Well, one for me, I claim to be American but I have never had a Twinkie." I said playing with my hair. Hayden's eyes look like they were about to pop out of his head causing me to giggle. My laughing stopped when Hayden started to drive slower, and pulled the car over.

"Alright. Get out of my car." He said with a straight face. I started laughing, but when he didn't I stopped.

"Okay your kidding."

"Surely not." He deadpanned.

"Haha." I joked. Yea he wouldn't do that especially since I don't know where I am, let alone the fact that I have a hurt hand. I stared at him and he looked away and clicked the unlock button for the car.

"well, what are you waiting for?" He asked.

"For Aston Kutcher to pop out and say, Hey! This is my prank! And your on TV!" I said. A little twinkle flashed in his eyes and then just went away.

"Okay. Well I'm Hayden ---- Hey! Welcome to my brand new TV show called; get out my car, featuring Cassandra Lombardi!" He exclaimed.

"Okay well welcome to MY new show, called What Shall We Do, and on this show we give our cast options! The first open is to either punch Hayden in the face, or, run outside grab a rock and bash his head with it! Our host, Cassandra, will choose the options for Hayden ----." I said gleefully.

Hayden leaned forward, and stretched across me as his arm brushed across my stomach and he pushed open the door. 

"We are back from commercial break everyone, now here we are showing Cassandra how to open the door! Next up we are going to show her how to take a seat belt off!" He looked down and press down on the seat belt and it flung off of me and retracted back.

"Welcome back once again, and here we are, sitting down. Currently Cassandra is contemplating on which choice she should pick again, and she's really considering option two right now." I said with a sour smile. I grabbed back the seat belt and clipped it back on. I looked back at him and it honestly looked like he was holding back a laugh but masked it.

"Sorry back again! Hey! It's Me! Haydennn --- With our legendary prank show! And Cassandra Lombardi I must admit, it was nice pranking you! How must you feel?" He held his hand towards my face as he was holding a microphone. I grabbed his hand and spoke.

"Well I must say, that you honestly need to improve on your pranks bud if you want to prank the prank queen." I smirked.

"Oh Cassandra, You just wait. Because right now you have basically declared war, for underestimating me. Now please close the door, as this episode has just come to an end! Thanks ladies and gentlemen! Don't miss out on the next one called, #PrayForCassandra! " He put his hand down as. Closed the door. We are truly the stupidest people in the whole wide world.

"If you honestly think that you would win in any type of prank, you honestly want to think twice." I said.

"Oh Cassandra, you might really wanna stay tuned." He pulled off of the corner and started driving on the road like normal.

"You suck." I said.

"Aren't I an awesome actor??" Hayden asked.

"Nope." I popped the P. It remained quiet until Hayden was back to singing. And you know I really can't lie if I say his singing isn't good. He sings really really good. Let alone here I am with a 'bad' voice. I closed my eyes and rested my head on the
other arm and just listened to his soft voice as he sung the song in the background.

I'm honestly starting to hate him because he's doing something to me and I'm not liking the effect. Like at all. Like he needs to get rid of it before it's too late. Like what the hell do I have to tell him to stop? Because I swear I'm hating this feeling in my gut for a while now. Like can he please stop? I doubt I'll ever discuss with him because you know I'm a whimp, but either way, It's just really sucking because there's no way that this isn't gonna go away. I keep beating around the bush about it but never actually want to think about it. And honestly I don't even wanna think about it because to me, it's just a extremely horrible situation. Because either way, I will never win.

Quick horrible chapter, but I should have one in a few more days just to fill up for this horrible one.

Shoutout to mjjj956 ! Go and read his awesome books please! 

Love you guys! ❤️

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