He gets sick on stage (Liam)

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You were sitting next to Liam on the couch in the arena that they would be playing at tonight.

He had been feeling sick these last couple days, but he just blew it off as tiredness.

He was wrong.....

"Y/n....." Liam whimpered lulling you out of your conversation with Lou, their stylist.

"What do ya need honey?" You asked looking to Liam

"I'm dizzy..." He informed you groaning

You saw Liam's eyes looking around frantically and he had sweat covering his whole face.

"Oh my..."you quickly felt Liam's head finding it burning with fever.

"Babe.. Why didn't you say you felt sicker?" You panicked telling Niall to go find a washcloth

"I didn't think it was this bad..." Liam whispered laying down finding it more comfortable like that.

"You've gotta be careful babe" you said taking the towel from Niall placing it on Liam's head

"I'm sorry" Liam said looking at you with sad eyes

"Your fine Hun, why don't you close your eyes for a bit?" You suggested hoping it would help him feel a little better

"Okay..' Liam whispered before his eyes totally shut and he fell into a much needed sleep.


The concert was starting in half an hour and Paul had asked you to go get Liam and bring him so he could get ready.

You walked off headed for the dressing room.

Upon walking in you saw Liam had pulled himself into a tight ball and was sweatier than ever

"Liam... Honey wake up.." You whispered in his ear not wanting to hurt his headache

"Hmmmmm" Liam groaned rolling over away from you

"Come on.. We gotta go the show is about to start" you told him

Liam sat up covering his eyes with his hand trying to calm the dizziness.

"Still dizzy baby?" You asked seeing him do this

"Yeah... I feel a little sick now" He said looking up at you

"Do you feel nauseous at all?" You asked

"Yeah.." He sighed

"Here take this.. It should soothe your stomach" you said handing him the pink gooey medicine

He downed it quickly standing up walking out the door with you.


"How ya feeling mate?" Paul asked concerned about his sickness

"A little sick to my stomach.. But I'll be okay" Liam said not wanting to ruin the concert

"Well signal us if you start to feel sick" Paul said as he pushed the boys towards the stage

You saw them all run out on stage full of energy ready for the amazing show:)


You were keeping an eye on Liam making sure he was feeling okay throughout the concert.

He kept giving you the okay sign when he saw you looking at him worriedly

You were singing along to best song ever when you saw Liam stumble a little and catch himself on Louis shoulder.

Louis whispered something in his ear as Liam nodded.

As Liam's part came up he signaled for Zayn to sing it and quickly made a b-line towards you.

He ran into your arms holding you tight as you felt a tear land on your shoulder.

You rubbed his back and asked," babe! What's wrong?"

"I think I'm gonna be sick.." He sobbed into your shoulder

Paul heard and grabbed a bin handing it to you.

You held it out for Liam as he gagged into the bin... Nothing came up.

"Babe.. You just gotta let it out." You told him as he dry heaved again

"I think it-" is all he got out before his stomachs contents poorer from his mouth.

"Shhh. Babe your okay" you whispered reassuring things in his ear as he continued to puke and cry.

Once Liam was done a stage crew member took the bucket to go clean as you took Liam's hand leading him back to the dressing room.

"What about the concert...." Liam whispered

"The boys got it babe.. You just need to rest for a little bit" you said throwing a blanket over his shaking body

"Can you lay with me?" Liam gave you his signature puppy dog face

You couldn't say no and got under the blanket with him humming whatever song the boys were singing while rubbing his tummy:)

"Feel better love" you whispered kissing his cheek

"Love you" Liam got out before falling asleep

"Love you too" you answered back


There's Liam!!! Whatcha guys think?? I'll be posting more today!:)

Love ya


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