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Louis took a deep breath as his stomach rolled again making him contemplate if he should head to the bathroom and sit in front of the toilet, just in case anything were to happen. He didn't particularly think he was going to throw up but he definitely didn't feel that great at the moment.

He didn't know if it was the dinner Harry had cooked or the stress of tour, or even if it was just something he had picked up from one of his friends. But he did know that it was making him feel horrible and he couldn't sleep and he just wanted Harry to cuddle with him and rub his belly because it was so dang upset.

But of course he couldn't wake up his love at what, 4 in the morning? No way. He wouldn't want to disturb Harry at this hour especially over a little tummy ache. Harry would never let it go that Louis had woke him up almost in tears because his 'tummy' hurt.

I mean he didn't really NEED Harry, did he?

Yes. He did NEED Harry.

Before he realized it his stomach had took a turn for the worst and suddenly he was feeling extremely overheated, his once little tummy ache had turned into a very nauseous feeling in his stomach making him want to be sick, and oh God his head! This was not his day.

Louis eyes filled with tears as he turned to Harry, "babe.. W-wake up" Louis whimpered out just barely. GEEZ he did not feel good and he knew that he would be sick. Oh no.

"H-Harry... Please wake u-up" Louis hiccuped placing his hand over his mouth. And right as Harry turned over to ask his love what was wrong Louis retched into his hand sickly as vomit started to seep through the cracks in his fingers.

"Shit" Harry cursed under his breath helping Louis sit up before heading for the trash bin in their room as he heard and saw Louis gag before coughing up another round of sick that splashed heavily against their once beautifully clean, crisp white sheets.

"Oh love.." harry mumbled bringing the trash bin to Louis mouth to be able to catch the next round of sick before it ruined their covers any further. And Louis did just that, vomiting into the bin his hands holding the edges so tightly his hands were turning pale white, almost matching the color of his face.

Louis took a deep breath grabbing for the couple tissues Harry was holding out for him to be able to wipe his mouth and hands off on. He took a minute to calm down before looking up at Harry bleary eyed, sniffling wiping his nose on the back of his sleeves, "You not feeling good, love?"

Louis eyes filled with tears once again as he shook his head whimpering a little 'no' out to Harry. Harry pouted feeling bad for his little baby sitting down on Louis side of the bed, not in the sick of course, pulling him in for a warm hug, "you'll be alright darling.." He whispered into his hair as he ran his hand, a steady pattern on his back. "But we've gotta get these covers put in the wash so do you wanna go lay down on the love seat?" Harry asked louis as he looked toward the love seat in the corner of their room.

Louis nodded still not talking very much allowing Harry to help him up and over to the seat where he processed to curl up in a ball on the seat.

Harry smiled sadly at his baby before telling him he'd be right back after he took the blankets downstairs. Louis watched as he folded the blanket up so that none of louis sick would spill onto the floor and grabbed louis pillowcase so that he could wash it as well. He smiled at louis as he headed out promising to be back really soon.

Louis didn't know how long it'd been but he remembers Harry walking out and now he's back with a new comforter and pillowcase for louis pillow. He smiled once again at louis.

"Why aren't you smiling love? Just not feel good?" Harry asked wanting to see his bright bubbly love smiling again.

"I don't f-feel good Harry" louis whimpered back in reply wrapping his arms around the front of his stomach hugging it slightly as his white face shone in the room from the moon hitting his face just right.

"I know you don't babe..." Harry said as he helped louis off the seat and get situated back in bed. "You'll feel a lot better after you rest some more love" Harry informed him tucking himself in next to Louis on his own side of the bed. He would always sleep next to Louis even if it meant risking getting himself sick.

"I don't want to throw up on the bed again" Louis said quietly into Harry's chest as he lay against him.

"Well if you feel like you're going to be sick just wake me up and I will get you the bin or we can go to the bathroom when you start to feel bad, okay?" Harry smiled as louis nodded mumbling okay as he closed his eyes smelling Harry's scent. Oh it was heavenly.

"Goodnight my love" Harry kissed louis head lightly massaging his scalp as he kissed him. Louis whimpered goodnight back before letting his eyes slip totally shut, allowing sleep to take over his ill body.

"I love you" Harry said quietly knowing Louis was already sleeping and probably wouldn't reply but that's okay!

Harry lightly ran his hand up and down Louis back till he fell asleep himself hoping in the morning Louis would be feeling much better. He hated seeing him so sick.

Hey guys!!! I actually wrote something that I got requested and I can't remember who requested it but hopefully they see it!! I really enjoyed writing this and it wasn't that long but hopefully it was okay! :) enjoy!! And please as always feedback is amazing and so are requests ! ;)

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