Niall one shot

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"Harry.." Niall whispered from his spot on the buses couch

"Yeah?" Harry asked walking to the back hearing Niall call for him

"I don't wanna go" Niall mumbled referring to the recording they needed to get done at the studio

"To the studio? Why?" Harry asked furrowing his eyebrows standing over where Niall lay on the couch

"My stomach hurts..." Niall whimpered looking at Harry with sad eyes

"Well, we aren't going for about 2 hours so you might feel better once it's time" Harry said reaching over feeling Niall's head which wasn't too warm

"Okay" Niall sighed closing his eyes turning away to face the couch

"Try and sleep" Harry whispered before walking off


Niall heard faint footsteps coming toward him and he opened his eyes turning slightly seeing Louis standing by him.

"Hey Ni" Louis whispered

"Hi" Niall rasped back

"Are you feeling okay? Harry said your stomach hurt" Louis asked seeing Niall tear up a bit

Niall shook his head lightly letting hot tears fall down his cheek.

"Oh Ni... It's okay" Louis stepped forward placing a hand on Niall's back rubbing it slightly to bring some sort of comfort

"I-I want l-Liam" Niall sobbed wanting daddy direction to come take care of him

"Okay, stay here I'll go get him" Louis said jogging off to find Liam for sick Nialler


"Liam!" Louis shouted outside the bus as Liam was kicking a football around with Zayn

"What?" Liam shouted back turning his focus on him letting the ball go by him

"Niall wants you" Louis said running up to him

"Is he okay?" Liam asked walking toward the bus as he didn't know Niall was feeling ill

"Oh yeah forgot to tell you! Niall's stomachs been bothering him, he doesn't feel good" Louis informed Liam on the information making Liam become worried and start jogging to the bus

After nearly colliding with the bus door Liam found himself rushing into the back room.

"Niall... You okay?" Liam asked walking to sit next to Niall on the couch

Louis smiled at them before walking off the bus back to the other boys.

"I d-don't feel well" Niall whispered moving his head to rest in Liam's lap

"Is it your stomach?" Liam asked stroking Niall's hair off his face

"Y-yeah" Niall breathed out a breath feeling his stomach turn

"Okay, well we've got to be in the studio in an hour" Liam said

Niall grimaced remembering he had to do some studio work to get ready for the album.

"I wanna cuddle..." Niall whimpered looking up into Liam's eyes

"Okay" Liam agreed moving so that Niall was a little spoon placed in front of Liam's strong torso cuddling closer to him

Liam smiled rubbing Niall's back as he fell asleep in his arms Liam turning the tele on quietly bringing Niall to his chest.

He was just so cute:)

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