Louis gets sick at rehearsals

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You were cuddled up on the bed with Louis laying with his head on your stomach.

Louis had gotten home just about an hour ago and you could tell just how tired he was by the slowness in his step and the gloomy look on his face.

He was drained.

You had made a quick cup of tea for him before venturing upstairs to lay down.

"Why don't you try and go to sleep baby, you've got to get up early tomorrow for rehearsal" you said running your hand through his hair

He nodded his head snuggling deeper into the blankets.

You smiled down at him turning to the bedside lamp flipping the switch.

"Goodnight baby" you whispered but he was already asleep


Louis alarm blared through the room as you got up to turn off the annoying device before heading over to his side of the bed.

"Louis, love wake up" you whispered trying to keep your voice low at such an early hour in the morning

"Mmm" Louis groaned turning away from you

"Come on sweetheart, you've got to get ready and get going" you pushed pulling the covers back from his form

He pulled himself up shielding his eyes from the light that you had switched on that was hurting his head a bit.

You smiled at his placing a kiss on his forehead before heading downstairs to make breakfast while he got dressed for the day.

Louis stayed up in the room standing by the bed trying to get the strange pain that had started creasing through his head to calm.

It wasn't working well so he heading into the bathroom changing into a simple sweatshirt and jeans before throwing his hair back in a headband like Harry had taught him.

"Whatever" Louis mumbled at his slightly gross looking appearance before making his way toward the stairs to meet you downstairs


"Hey sleeping beauty" you smirked seeing his exhausted body making it's way into the kitchen plopping down in a stool at the island in the middle of your kitchen

He set his head on his arms which rested on the table as you placed a plate in front of him,"eat up" you smiled at your toast and jelly you had made as he wasn't normally a breakfast person, food in the morning normally making him feel sick throughout the day.

He looked at the plate with a disgusted look feeling his belly ache a little bit.

"Not hungry" he whispered barely audible pushing the plate away before resting his head back down

"Do you feel okay?" You asked moving to stand next to him lulling his head up before resting your hand on his forehead as he moved into your hand

He nodded and you didn't feel much of a fever so you just let it go.

"Alright, well you better get going if you're going to meet the boys on time" you informed looking at the clock as he pulled his coat on before kissing you goodbye and heading out the door.

He still didn't look to well.....


"Hey Louis!" Niall said as Louis walked into rehearsals

"hey" Louis simply replied feeling a little worse than when he had left

What was making him feel so bad?

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