Sick Larry

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"Daddy..." Louis heard a faint sound of his daughter trying to wake Harry

Louis sat up in bed," What do you need sweetie?" Louis asked rubbing the sleep from his eyes

"I want daddy" she whined holding her teddy bear close to her chest

"Daddy's sleeping doll, what's up?" Louis pressed again

"I ha-" she stopped seeing Harry mumbled something then sit up

"Daddy" she squealed jumping up onto the bed and into Harry's arms

"Humph" Harry groaned as she came into contact with his stomach holding back a gag before he was sick all over her

"Will you sleep with me?" She whispered batting her long eyelashes

"Sweetheart... Daddy's not feeling well" Harry rasped sending her a sad look

Louis eyes furrowed hearing that he wasn't feel well," but daddy..." She cried letting her tears fall as she hugged Harry closer to her

"Babe..." Harry whimpered handing off the young girl to Louis laying back against the pillows taking slow breaths

"You okay?" Louis asked concerned holding his still crying daughter

"Y-yeah" Harry said telling Louis to Go put her down and come back quickly

Louis nodded rushing out of the room to get his daughter to bed and then come back to tend to everything Harry needed.


After a good ten minutes of trying to get Kyla(their daughter) to sleep Louis got her to bed and headed back towards the master bedroom.

Harry was curled up under the blankets and Louis could hear slight whimpers:(

"Babe.... You doing okay?" Louis whispered sitting on Harry's side of the bed placing his hand on Harry's back that was under the covers

"No.." Harry choked out feeling sick to his stomach

"Calm down love..." Louis comforted running his hand through Harry's curls which were sticking out of the covers

Harry emerged himself from the blankets making Louis gasp at his appearance.

Hot tears were running down his pale cheeks while his curls were pressed to his head with sweat.

"Oh babe.." Louis whispered frowning

"I-I don't feel good" Harry whimpered

"What's hurting? Your stomach, head,throat?" Louis asked trying to figure out what could be wrong

"M-my stomach a-and my head" Harry answered quietly

Louis placed a hand on his head feeling a fever then moving his hand down to Harry's stomach caressing the warm skin.

"Does it just hurt, or are you nauseous?" Louis asked

"Nauseous" Harry whispered barley audible

Louis nodded sadly getting up quickly getting the small trash bin placed in the corner of their room moving it to the side of Harry's bed.

"Why don't we try to sleep?" Louis asked slipping under the covers with Harry

"Okay" Harry responded curling up to Louis body feeling cold and achy

"Just sleep, you'll feel better once you wake up" Louis reassured running his hand up and down Harry's back before they both fell asleep in each other's embrace.

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