He get sick on the bus (Louis)

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You always worried about Louis when you guys were going to be on the bus for long periods of time.

Early on in your relationship Louis was always getting carsick. Just being in a car for 10 minutes would make Louis feel extremely sick to his stomach.

Being on tour all the time had helped Louis get over this carsickness but it still would pop up every now and then to smack him in the bum.

That's exactly what happened tonight....


The concert had just ended and you had a 12 hour bus ride ahead of you.

You made sure to pack some stomach soothers and extra things that would help out with stomach problems.

Not only did Louis get carsick, Zayn would occasionally join in:(

"Alright guys board the bus!" Paul shouted into the boys dressing room

Louis grabbed your hand dragging you toward the bus excited about spending time with you on the bus.

As everyone got on the bus they gathered around talking about the concert.

Paul pulled you aside knowing you were going to be with the boys all night," okay we have a curvy road ahead if us. Do you have something that Louis and Zayn can take if they feel sick?" Paul asked you

"Really?" Ugh... But yeah I have medicine, crackers, and sprite" you informed grumbling about the curvy road that would be tonight

"Okay well keep me updated on how their doing" Paul asked you

You nodded as Paul shouted," ALRIGHT LADS LISTEN TO Y/N!!"

They all mumbled "yeah yeahs" as Paul left you with them

You sat next to louis joining in on the conversation


As you reached an hour and a half into the trip you noticed Louis was getting quieter and not talking as much.

"You good?" You leaned in asking Louis knowing he would know what your talking about

"Yeah" he lied

Louis was actually starting to feel a little sick but nothing too serious so he didn't want to worry you or any of the boys.

You started your own conversation with Liam while Harry and Niall got into an intense game while Louis watched from the couch.

"So how was falling off stage tonight?" You laughed asking Liam

"Stop laughing! It hurt y/n!" Liam shouted play hitting you

"Uh.. *clears throat* y/n?" Louis got your attention

"Yeah babe?" You asked patting the seat next to you for him to sit down

He sat next to you," um...did you bring any sprite?" He whispered

"Are you feeling sick?" You asked worried now as Liam looked worried at Louis Aswell

"My stomachs just hurting a little" he answered

"Okay..... Here." You handed Louis a sprite from the small fridge

"Promise to tell me if you start to feel sicker?" You asked slipping your hand on Louis knee

"I will" Louis promised getting up to go lay down

You looked at Liam worried and he just shrugged as you guys continued to talk.


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