He's sick at work (Liam)

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Liam's stomach was really hurting him that day but he didn't want you to worry so he just sucked it up and headed to work

At the arena they were practicing in Liam's stomach hurt him a lot and he felt really sick

Liam walked over to Harry,"Harry my stomach hurts" Liam whispered in his ear

Harry looked at him worriedly feeling his head for a fever," Liam, you've got a fever"

"I feel kind of sick....." Liam said sitting down on a piece if stage equipment

"Do you feel like your gonna throw up?" Harry asked nervously

"I don't know.... Ugh I'm getting dizzy" Liam said putting his hands on his head

Harry looked around for a stage manager but he didn't find anyone

"Should I get someone to check you out?" Harry asked feeling his head again. Still warm

"Idk....." Liam whispered sinking to the floor laying his head back on the speaker

The boys sat there for a couple minutes seeing if Liam's sick feeling would pass. It didn't

"Ahhhhh!!!" Liam yelled grabbing his stomach harshly feeling a sharp pain crease through his stomach

"Shit! Liam I'm gonna go find someone!" Harry said running to find someone.

He rounded a corner bumping into Paul

"Paul!! Help! Follow me" Harry said grabbing his arm pulling him back to Liam

Liam was laying on the floor crying grasping his stomach harshly.

"Oh my gosh! What happened?" Paul asked leaning down next to Liam

"I don't know he just said his stomach hurt and he felt sick and he started screaming in pain" Harry said worried for his band mate

"We need to call am ambulance he has appendicitis!" Paul said quickly calling 911.


The ambulance showed up as the paramedics loaded Liam on to go to the hospital

All the boys got in the van speeding off to the hospital calling you on the way.

You would meet the boys up there before Liam's Surgery.

"Liam it's gonna be okay..." You said pushing back his sweaty hair before his surgery

"What if I don't make it?" Liam said tears falling down his cheeks

"Liam don't be silly!" You said

"I just don't like hospitals...." Liam said remembering back to his childhood

"I know honey.... You'll feel so much better though" you said stroking his arm

"Okay......" Liam said falling into sleep before they wheeled him off to the operating room


"Good job baby!" You said walking into his room after surgery

"Y/n................is that you?" Liam mumbled because of the drugs he was on

"Yeah baby it's me" you said kissing him on the lips gently

"Whoa!!! Am I dating you?" Liam said

"Yeah babe were dating!" You chuckled

"Wow.. I'm one lucky man!" Liam yelled pulling you to kiss him again

You and the boys cracked up laughing:)


Sorry this one wasn't as good:/ hope it's okay!

Love ya


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