He gets sick w/ your parents (Harry)

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You, Harry, and your parents were all planning to go out today and spend some quality time together.

You were meeting your parents at noon to get lunch.

"Harry! Are you almost ready?" You yelled up the stairs of your shared flat

"Uh.. Yeah I'm almost ready!" Harry replied back to you

"Okay hurry up were leaving in 20" you said walking away from the stairs to the kitchen

But really Harry wasn't sure if he'd be ready in 20.

He stomach was really nauseous and his head was beginning to ache.

He loves your parents, he really does but today he just felt sick and didn't want to have to deal with anything or anybody.

He sighed pulling a sweatshirt over his torso going with the comfortable look.

One last look in the mirror he headed off downstairs to meet you.


"Hey! You ready?" You asked seeing harry come down from the stairs

"Um.. Yeah in a second" he relied trying to come up with an idea that would interfere with the lunch date

He didn't like showing his emotions and didn't really want to tell you how bad he felt, because he didn't want you to have to worry about him and his health.

"You know it's 80 degrees and your wearing a sweatshirt right?" You asked confused by his choice of clothing

"Uh, yeah I'm cold" he responded

"Do you have a fever?" You asked reaching to feel his forehead

"Your a little warm" you responded going to look for a thermometer

You were a little concerned because Harry normally wouldn't let you check his temperature. He never wanted you to worry about him and him letting you do that concerned you a little.....

"Here" you said pushing it into his mouth

You guys sat their in silence waiting for the timer to beep. Harry hated being sick, so he must be feeling pretty bad if he's not fighting it.

"Beep beep beep" the small device beeped inside his mouth

You pulled it out checking. 100.2

"You've got a fever, do you feel okay?" You asked needing to find out more of his symptoms to see what could be wrong

"I-I feel a little sick" Harry mumbled hating to admit his sickness but not wanting to go out so he had to tell you

"Is it your throat, stomach, or head?" You asked going into nurse mode being you wanted to be a nurse and could detect sickness quite well

"Uh.. My stomachs hurting" Harry shyly admitted to you

"Why didn't you just tell me? We don't have to go out with my parents" you chuckled pulling out your phone to call your mom

"I didn't want to ruin anything.." Harry whimpered putting a hand on his stomach

"Your not, go lay down and I'll meet you in the den" you said ushering him toward the den to call your mom.


After explaining everything to her she totally understood and told you to tell harry to get better soon:)

You walked into the den seeing Harry laying down with his back to you.

You smiled," you still awake?" You asked

"Uh huh" he mumbled not turning over

"How long have you felt sick?" You asked sitting on the couch harry was sprawled across

"Since this morning" he whispered moving his head to look at you

"I'm sorry babe you should have told me" you whispered rubbing his back

He nodded but didn't respond as he just curled up more on his stomach.

You guys sat their for a while as you grazed your nails over his back and he just layed there trying to calm his uneasy stomach.


You were watching some random show on the television when you noticed harry starting to squirm around and moan in his sleep

"Shhhhh" you cooed continuing rubbing his back to keep him asleep

"Y/n.... Stop" you heard him moan

You decided waking him up would be your best choice.

"Babe... Wake up" you mumbled caressing his cheek

He opened his eyes looking at you," you were moaning and squirming around" you informed him

He nodded as you pulled him to your chest letting him lay on you.

You thought he was going to sleep when you heard a sob and sniffle leave his form.

"Are you okay?" You asked quickly looking at his face

Tears were running down his cheeks and snot was pouring from his nose.

"Aww, babe why are you crying?" You asked wiping away his tears

"I-I feel l-like I'm gonna b-be sick" he sobbed into your chest gripping his stomach with much force

"Okay, shhhhh... I'll get you something" you mumbled leaving him a crying mess on the couch going to find a trash can


Walking back into the room harry was holding his stomach sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Here you go baby" you placed the trash can in between his legs sitting next to him

"I don't-" he stopped himself taking deep breaths

"Don't talk" you whispered rubbing his back as a small gag escaped his lips

"Shhhh shhhh" you shushed as he was crying over the trash

After sitting there for a while rubbing his back his back heaved and his dinner from the night before came pouring out and into the trash can.

He let out a sob as another round of sick came out.

20 minutes and what seemed like hundreds of heaves later he sat back against the couch.

"I didn't like that" he simply mumbled closing his eyes

"I know love, I'm sorry you feel so bad" you pouted wiping his mouth off before kissing his temple

"Why don't you lay down and I'm gonna go clean this?" You asked picking up the trash of sick

He nodded laying down on the warm couch.

After washing up the mess you made your way back into the den.

Harry was shivering but sleeping on the couch.

You brought a throw blanket over laying down next to your boy placing the blanket over you guys as you fell asleep holding him.

After a few days off Harry was feeling much better and thanked you for all your help:)


What do you guys think??? I haven't seem many stories coming up, where are you guys? But I hope everybody's enjoying their break:) I sure am!

Love ya


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