Ziam sick

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"Zayn....zayn....." Liam was whispering into Zayn's ear in the early hours of the morning

Zayn sighed turning over to face Liam," yeah babe?" He asked

"I don't feel very well.." Liam answered back looking into Zayn's eyes sadly

"Are you okay?" Zayn asked feeling for a fever

"I think so....I just feel a little.. Sick" he informed Zayn

"Let's get some sleep. Wake me up if you start to feel worse" Zayn said letting Liam snuggle up to him

"Okay" Liam mumbled closing his eyes letting sleep take over his body

Zayn layed awake for a while longer trying to think of what could have made the love of his life feel so sick... He hoped he would feel better by morning.:(


Zayn woke up hearing his alarm clock sing through his ears.

He sat up turning it off seeing Liam still sleeping, he would let him rest for a little longer remembering he had woken up feeling sick the last night.

Zayn showered preparing himself an Liam breakfast for him later.

Wondering up stairs Zayn saw Liam sat up in bed looking around the room cluelessly.

"Hey babe! How ya feeling?" Zayn questioned running a hand through Liam's soft hair

Liam simply shrugged laying back down.

"Do you want something to eat? I made breakfast" Zayn asked looking at Liam laying down in bed

"No.." Liam whimpered turning over a little to find a more comfortable position

"Something in your stomach might make you feel a little better." Zayn told Liam

"I just don't want anything, thanks" Liam mumbled

Zayn nodded kissing his hot forehead," tell me if you want something?"

"I will" Liam whispered falling into sleep once again


An hour later Zayn headed up stairs carrying a piece of toast in one hand some water in the other.

"Come on babe, wake up" he said walking into the room

Liam opened his eyes sitting up a little,"thanks" he mumbled

"Let's eat something?" Zayn asked holding out the toast to Liam

Liam's stomach turned just looking at it knowing that it wouldn't stay down:(

"I really don't want it" Liam wined looking away from the toast holding in a gag

"You've gotta east something baby" Zayn informed looking sadly at Liam

Liam carefully took the toast nibbling on the corner of the Bread.

He could feel the toad whirling around in his stomach about half way through And handed it back to Zayn," no more." He whimpered feeling sick to his stomach

"Alright.. At least it's something" Zayn mumbled sitting by Liam on the bed

"You wanna watch a movie?" Zayn asked

"Toy story?" Liam asked a hint of gleam in his eyes

Zayn smiled slipping the DVD into the tv snuggling up with Liam on the bed.

They watched the movie quietly not wanting to irritate Liam's head...


"Zayn..." Liam whimpered into Zayn's chest

"You okay babe?" Zayn asked concerned feeling a single tear land on his torso

"I don't feel very good" Liam mumbled looking at Zayn

"Do you think you might throw up?" Zayn asked worried sitting up a little

Liam nodded swallowing hard.

"Okay your fine, let's just get to the bathroom" Zayn ensured walking with Liam to their en suite

Liam sat in front of the toilet with his head laying on his arms.

Zayn put a cloth on his head whispering," your gonna be okay babe"

Liam tried to say something back but gaged before he could get any words out

He quickly sat up leaning his head into the toilet bowl heaving up his small breakfast and last nights dinner.

"Shh... Just let it out" Zayn tried to assure Liam as he was sick over and over again

"Ugh..... I don't fe-" Liam tried to speak as more vomit poured from his mouth

After 20 minutes of being sick Liam was finally done.

He sat back against Zayn as he rubbed his sweaty shirtless back,"you good?" He asked

"Yeah.." He whimpered leaning his head back against Zayn's shoulder

They sat there for 5 or so minutes allowing Liam to catch his breath and calm down.

"You wanna go lay down?" Zayn asked knowing Liam was falling asleep against him

Liam nodded against Zayn as he swiftly picked him up off the bathroom floor carrying him into the bedroom laying him down.

"Lay with me?" Liam whispered through tears looking at Zayn helplessly

Zayn nodded slipping into the bed next to his sick baby:(

Liam snuggled into Zayn's arms looking for comfort.

Zayn wrapped his strong arms around him kissing his lips sweetly,"I love you" he whispered against his temple

"I love you too" Liam said closing his eyes falling into a deep sleep.


As Liam was sick throughout the week Zayn finally took him to the doctors to find out he had a case of the stomach flu.

With medicine and lots of cuddled Liam was back to himself within the next week:)


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