He gets carsick (Harry)

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You and Harry were in the car singing loudly dancing around in your seats! This was a great road trip and you were really excited.

You were singing when you noticed Harry had stopped singing and now had his eyes closed and he layed his head back.

"You okay babe?" You asked concerned

"I'm really nauseous.." Harry whimpered laying his head on the cool window

"How long have you been feeling sick?" You asked putting your hand on his knee

"Just now I started feeling sick to my stomach..." Harry groaned squeezing his eyes shut

"I think your a little carsick" you told him softly

"I hate this.." Harry said rubbing his stomach

"Try to sleep. It will calm your stomach" you told him as he brought his seat back relaxing

He was already asleep at your words


*1 hour later*

You saw Harry stirring around whimpering a little

You rubbed his arm trying to get him to calm down so he wouldn't wake up and be sick

It didn't work so well........

"Y/n I think I'm gonna be sick!" Harry said as he shot up in his seat holding his hand firmly on his mouth

"Okay hold on I'm pulling over" you said getting around a car to pull over

"Hurry *gag*" Harry yelled gagging into his hand vomit seeping through his hands as he flung open the door throwing up his gut.

You jumped out of the car running around the car to comfort your sick boy.

"Babe..... Your aright.... Your gonna be okay" you whispered soothing things in his ear.

"Ugh! This is horrid!" Harry groaned wiping his hand across his mouth.

You gave him a towel to wipe his mouth and hands as well as a water bottle

"You good?" You questioned wondering if he was gonna be sick anymore

"I think so..... For now at least" Harry said walking sitting in the car with the door open

"Do you wanna sit here for a bit?" You asked getting a bag from the back

"No.... I wanna go to a hotel and sleep" Harry said looking at you with hopeful eyes

"Babe... We can't do that we need to head to the resort" You informed him handing him the bag

"Okay... He said closing the door you following getting into the drivers seat

"If you feel sick remember there's a bag" you motioned toward the bag in his hands

"Thanks..." Harry said looking in the bag laying his head back on the head rest

"Alright I'm gonna get going"" you said starting up the car

"Okay." Harry said before he fell asleep peacefully


After 6 more hours in the car and a full bag of vomit you guys got to the resort where after taking a shower and lying down for a little bit Harry was back to new:)


Hope that wasn't too bad:/ I'm gonna be posting as much as I can today trying to catch up! I'm gonna be reAding your guys so make sure to write a lot!

Love ya


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