He's sick but has to take your kids to school. (Liam)

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Liam had gone to bed last night with a small head ache not thinking much about it. He knew you had to be at work at 4 am. Tomorrow and he would have to take the kids to school but he didn't think his head would ache anymore....


"Daddy?? Daddy??" Your daughter whisper yelled into Liam's ear. Groggily Liam opened his eyes to his daughter just inches away from his face.

"What do you need sweetie? Liam asked not realizing that the kids had school.

"You have to take us school!!" Your daughter said happily! "Member? Mommy said you would last night!" Your daughter said in a cute voice:)

Liam them remembered that he did indeed have to take the kids to school. He slid out of bed walking to the bathroom as your daughter skipped away singing to herself.

Liam's head was pounding even more by now. Great he thought to himself. Just great!


All the kids and Liam sat around the table eating there wonderful cereal! Or it should haberdasher been wonderful but Liam didn't notice till now that his stomach wasn't up for much eating.

He dumped his bowl in the sink going to finish getting ready to take the journey to school.


The car ride was horrid! Liam felt like this head was gonna explode and the little cereal he ate he could feel whirling around inside his weak stomach.

After dropping off the older twins Liam needed to get the younger girls to school. He dropped them off as quickly as possible only wanting to get home and sleep off this nauseating sickness.

Once home Liam ran for the toilet! His stomach couldn't handle it but before he could make it he puked all over the living room floor.

Liam fell to his knees as more heaves escaped onto the floor turning the wonderful white carpet to........ Brown mush.

He needed you to get home. He couldn't make it to the bathroom or even to the bed. He opted to call you.

You- hey Liam! What's up?

Liam- um..... I'm sick:(

You- oh.... Is it your head again??

Liam- yes.... But I just threw up.....

You- in gosh p! Sweetie where are you??

Liam- in the living room. I sorry I got sick on your carpet!

You- it's okay love! I'm on my way home okay?

Liam- okay hurry I think I feel it again....

That's all you heard before the line went dead.


Your pov.

You rushed home and were lucky you didn't get a drivers ticket for how fast you were driving! You ran through the front door and were knocked with the scent of vomit:/

"Oh my....." You saw Liam laying with his head by a pile of his own sick.

You rushed towards him as you brushed his hair from his face feeling heat radiate from his forehead.

"Y/n....... I'm sick" liam whimpered

" I know baby lets get to bed okay?" You asked " okay." Liam sighed

Once Liam was under the blankets with his bucket you went to clean up his sick and were ready to nurse your sick boy back to health:D


So..... There's the next part! I like this one better than Niall's so I hope you like it! I'll try to post at least one more tonight maybe two!

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