He has a stomachache (Niall)

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You were pulling into the driveway of yours and Niall's house when you saw his car in the driveway.

Niall was never home before you...

You walked into the house setting down your stuff in the kitchen.

"Niall!! You home" you yelled throughout the house

You didn't get a reply which worried you a little.

You walked through the house and checked the living room. Nope

You wondered up stairs walking into your guys shared bedroom seeing Niall's blonde hair sticking out of the sheet.

You smiled to yourself. You quickly snapped out of it going to see why he was home so early.

"Babe.... Wake up" you rubbed his back through the thick layers of blankets

He groaned," what do you want?"

"Why are you home so early?" You asked sitting on the bed feeling heat radiate from the covers

"I'm sick.." He answered weekly moving to lay his head on your lap

"What hurts baby?" You asked moving hair from his face

"My stomach..." He whimpered grabbing his belly

"Do you think it's from something you ate?" You asked trying to figure out what was hurting his poor stomach

"I don't know... I was throwing up so the boys sent me home.." He informed you

"Why didn't you call me to pick you up?" You asked

"You were at work.. I didn't wanna bother you" he sighed

"Your never a bother babe" you told him rubbing his back

"Will you lay with me?" He asked

"Yeah love, let me get dressed" you said getting up and putting on one of Niall's tank tops

You snuggled into the bed letting Niall lay his head on your chest as you rubbed his churning stomach in small circles.

"I love you y/n" Niall whispered

"I love you too Niall" you said kissing his forehead lightly before both of you fell asleep.


That's the first of the series!!! What do you guys think???

Love ya


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