LILO sick Liam and child

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"Papa I have to stay home cause I'm sick" Louis and Liam's little boy announced as he sat up at the counter eating some applesauce

Their son, Logan, who was 6 had woken Liam up early this morning complaining of a tummy ache and after getting him back to sleep they had decided they might as well keep him home from school. No use getting other kids in his class sick too.

"I know buddy" Louis chuckled watching the boy eat away

Louis watched as logan swallowed what was in his mouth before speaking,"why isn't daddy home with up?" He asked big eyes looking up at Louis

"Daddy had to go to work, he'll be home later" Louis informed the young boy as he remembered Liam announcing that he was gonna go to work to record with the boys so both boys weren't out

Logan seemed to ignore his answer as he wrapped his hands around his stomach,"my belly hurts" he groaned squeezing around his stomach with all his might

"Alright bud let's go lay down" Louis decided laying down would be his best option. No use having the little boy be sick all over the floor and freak him out.

Louis and Logan made their way into the living room, Logan immediately jumping onto the couch laying down his stuffed monkey in his hand his thumb in his mouth waiting for papa to put the movie in.

Louis had put Thomas The Train in the DVD player before sitting down on the couch next to Logan pulling him into his lap letting him cuddle up to his papa.

Louis stroked at his soft hair as he seemed to doze off and within minutes Logan was already sleeping soundlessly in Louis lap cuddling his legs.

Louis smiled down at the small boy turning the volume down before adjusting himself where he could lay next to the boy and maybe sleep himself. Logan would wake him up if he needed him, right?


Well it hadn't been Logan who needed him.

Louis awoke with a start realizing he had received a text from Liam quickly unlocking his phone to check what he needed.

From Li bear ~

Hey babe how's Logan?

Louis smiled at the courtesy of his husband typing a reply.

To Li bear ~

He's okay, just got him to sleep. What's up?

From ~ Louis

A reply from Liam seemed to take longer than normal and when he saw what he had replied his heart dropped.

From Li bear ~

I'm not feeling too well :'( I wanna come home...

Logan stirred in Louis lap making Louis halt letting him position himself before Logan smacked his lips loudly sighing before going back into sleep. Louis replied speedily.

To Li bear ~

Are you alright? Do you think you have what Logan has? Do you want me to come pick you up?

From ~ Louis

Liam had read the text sighing thinking to himself. Did he need to leave?

A churn in his stomach made up his mind as he replied to Louis with a simple yes before laying back against the couch he had sat himself on.

Louis frowned seeing the text before he slipped himself from Logan's grip grabbing his car keys picking Logan up bringing him to the car to go pick up Liam. Poor baby probably had got what Logan woke up with.

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