Niall one shot

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"Niall were gonna stop and grab something to eat, you wanna come in?" You asked stroking the hair from Niall's forehead

Niall was currently sprawled out on a couch in the back of the bus sleeping trying to get the nauseous feeling to pass. He had been feeling sick for about an hour now and you knew but you assumed he was probably just car sick.

"No.." Was Niall's simple whimpered reply which made you frown and rub his back as he turned to face the couch with his back to you

"Okay baby, I'm gonna go in with the boys." You informed him,"Paul will stay with you, he's in the front"

He nodded slowly against the couch as you placed a light kiss to his sweaty forehead before following the boys out the bus door.


You guys had simply walked into a McDonalds getting it to go before heading back to the bus not wanting to leave Niall feeling so sick.

"WOOO THOSE FANS WERE CRAZY!" Louis shouted upon walking into the bus

"I KNOW!!" Harry agreed loudly as they set the food on the table

"Boys shut it!" You whisper yelled glaring at them

"Oh shit sorry" Louis whispered remembering Niall hadn't been feeling all that well and was trying to sleep

"Do you know what's wrong with him?" Liam asked as you guys all sat around the table and on the couches

"He's probably just carsick" you answered as you took a bite into your cheeseburger

"Yeah, happens to all of us at one point" Liam mumbled food in his mouth

You nodded continuing to eat and carry on a conversation with all the boys

"There's an interview tomorrow morning early so I hope you're right and he's just carsick" Harry said getting a notification on his phone about the interview

"I'm sure he'll be f-" you were cut off as you saw a slow figure wrapped in a huge comforter walk through to the front of the bus

"Hey baby, you alright?" You asked as he came over and sat literally in your lap while you sat on the couch making you grunt at the sudden weight

All the boys watched as he cuddled into you whimpering trying to get comfortable in your lap.

"Niall" you groaned adjusting him to a comfortable position for the both of you

Zayn who was sat on the opposite end of the couch gave his shoulder a light squeeze,"you good mate?" He asked his Bradford accent shining through

"My stomach hurts" Niall whimpered into the blanket making his voice sound mumbled

"Your stomach hurts?" You asked stroking the hair off Niall's forehead feeling for a fever, which if you weren't mistaken you could of sworn he did feel a little warmer than normal

"Mmhmm" he wined back in response resting his hands around his stomach

"I'm sorry sweetheart" you whispered running your hand up and down his back in a soothing motion moving his head to rest in the crook of your neck trying to get him to fall asleep

You frowned feeling bad for your baby the boys quietly cooing at the adorable sight in front of them.

"Let's just let him rest, I'm sure part of it is exhaustion." Liam added as you quietly shushed and rubbed his back

You nodded as the boys went off and chilled around the bus hoping Niall would feel better.


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