He gets sick on the bus (Liam)

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It was the first day on the bus!

The boys were going to be stuck in the bus for the next few days traveling to a new location:)

They were all SUPER excited about being on the road except Liam....

Liam since a young child had gotten extreme carsickness on long trips..:(

He didn't want you or the boys to find out so he just kept to himself about the problem and drank plenty of water to try and keep his stomach at ease.


You and the boys were all getting ready to head to the bunks to sleep.

You saw Liam already in the bunk waiting for you:)

"Cuddle with me?" Liam asked in baby voice batting his long eyelashes

You smiled big hopping under the covers snuggling close to Liam's warm welcoming chest.

"I love you" you whispered into his chest

"I love you most" he replied closing his eyes falling asleep


Liam woke up feeling a churning feeling in his stomach....

He grabbed his phone looking at the time. 2:57.

Liam wrapped his strong arms around his nauseous stomach slipping out of the bunk without waking you.

He headed toward the front of the bus taking a drink laying down on the couch.

He curled up on himself whimpering letting silent tears fall not wanting to wake anyone on the quiet bus.

"Mate?" Liam looked up seeing Niall rubbing his eyes looking at him

"Ye-yeah.." Liam whimpered not bothering to look him right in the eyes

"You okay?" He asked concerned

"Um... Uh- yeah I just have a stomachache" Liam informed Niall trying not to sound so bad

"Oh.. Okay do you need anything?" Niall asked

"N-no" Liam whimpered feeling his stomach lurch a little quickly putting his fist to his mouth trying to keep his stomachs contents down.

Niall looked at him skeptically not knowing if he should leave him.

"I don't think your okay..." Niall said walking over placing a hand on Liam's forehead

"Your a little warm" Niall said

"I-I'm okay" he tried to reassure not wanting Niall to see him throw up

It didn't work.... Liam's stomach heaved and he quickly put his head over the couch throwing up all over the floor.

"Oh shit! Liam you okay?" Niall asked frantically not knowing what to do

"Help.... I.....don't..... Feel-" he tried to talk but his stomach lurched again sending more food and acid up his throat and onto the floor.

"I'm gonna get y/n!" Niall rushed off to Liam's bunk to get you.


"Y/n!! Get up!" Niall screamed into your ear

"Niall... What!?" You asked sitting up looking worried

"Liam's sick" he informed you helping you out of the tall bunk

You guys rushed off to the front of the bus where Liam was sitting on the couch vomit all over the floor and all over his pants, shirt, and face.

"Oh babe...." You whispered walking over slipping off his vomit covered clothes

"Why didn't you tell me you felt sick?" You asked as you wiped his mouth and hands clean of puke

"I thought I would he okay.." He whimpered laying back down on the couch feeling still very sick

You threw a throw blanket over his body letting him curl up.

Niall brought a bucket from the bathroom setting it next to Liam just incase he got sick again.

"Thanks Ni... You didn't have to help" you said

"It's okay! Do you need help cleaning up his sick?" Niall asked motioning toward the vomit covering the bus floors

"No I think I've got it." You chuckled pushing Niall toward the bunks so he could sleep.

You quickly but affectingly cleaned up Liam's mess.

"You okay?" You asked hearing Liam whimpered and move around

" my stomach hurts" Liam cried out while you wrapped your arms around him letting him cry into your shoulder

"Y/n *gag*" Liam gagged grabbing the bucket gagging more but nothin coming up

"Babe.. Try and relax. Take a deep breath" you guided

He finally felt like he wouldn't be sick and layed back down on the couch.

"Will you lay with me?" He asked looking sat you with glazed over eyes

"Of course" you whispered snuggling Liam's body rubbing his sore stomach


You and Liam both fell asleep there that night and over the next few days on the bus you and the boys helped Liam out with his motion sickness:)


What do you guys think?? It's my first day of break so I'll be writing a lot more!! Can't wait to read your guys sickfics!!

Love ya


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