Acid Reflux

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          You had started noticing something was off with Niall after dinner with the lads and their girlfriends.  He had quieted down quite a bit, which was rare, seeing as Niall always had plenty to say.  At first he was still engaged in the conversations with everyone, but after a while he had totally secluded himself and wasn't even laughing along with everyone or throwing in comments on tour stories.  You wrapped your right arm around Niall to place at the small of his back, getting his attention as you mouthed,"You good?" to him while glancing at his eyes, searching for a sign of any sort of discomfort.  

           He smiled a small smile at you,"yeah, just a little bit uncomfortable after eating ya know?" He moved his hand in an upward position from his stomach to his chest.  You guys had decided that was the signal that he would use to show you that he was experiencing a bit of acid reflux.  You nodded understandingly, rubbing your hand over his back a bit to try and relax him,"Let me know if you need to leave alright?" You asked him giving him a look that he knew not to joke around with.   Niall nodded knowing he should be okay but in some situations the reflux just got to be too much and he was very thankful that you understood.  

           You turned back to the rest of the girlfriends but kept you hand rubbing Niall's back, hoping maybe it would relax the feeling and keep his stomachs contents at bay.  Niall had always struggled with acid reflux and it was common for him to experience the feeling but sometimes it would cause him to feel extremely nauseated and you didn't want him to have to sit around talking if he was feeling like he was going to be ill.   You just hoped he would ask to leave if it got to be bad instead of suffering in silence like he frequently did.  

          After you had engaged back in the conversation Niall sat quietly trying to act like he was enjoying himself, and he really was, just the stupid acid reflux was taking it's toll on him.  He put his fist to his chest as he hiccuped, feeling it deep in his chest, and then burping quietly into his fist to mask it the best he could.  He didn't want to disgust the group.  He burped a few more times in the next 10 minutes as the acids in his stomach moved their way up his esophagus and made his chest and upper stomach, ache.  

          He sat quietly for another 5 minutes before the nauseous feeling seemed to heighten and whenever he burped into his fist he felt his dinner rise in his throat and acid filled chunks flowed smoothly into his mouth.  Niall gagged slightly on the fowl taste, swallowing it down as he quickly asked to be let out of the booth claiming he needed to use the toilet.  You, Liam, and Liam's girlfriend slid out, allowing Niall to slip past and start walking to the toilets.  You watched on slightly concerned but convinced yourself that he probably was just having a wee, and bounced back into the conversation.  

            Niall on the other hand had made it to the bathroom, going to the farthest toilet, locking the door behind himself.  He leaned back against the stall door, taking a few deep breaths as he looked down at the toilet water that would probably be soon filled with sick.  Niall rubbed his hand lightly over his bloating stomach as he felt how tender and sick feeling it felt.  A wet burp overcame Niall and he bent at the waste over the toilet as he burped, opening his mouth, ready for sick to come spilling out.  It didn't.

            He took a deep breath, straitening back up but was forced back into a hunched over position, lowering himself down so that he could rest his elbows on the toilet seat.  He rubbed a hand over his head and eyes, just wanting you to be there with him, comforting his ill body.  A deep burn  in his chest, followed by a gurgling retch had Niall arching uncomfortably over the basin, coughing out a bit of stomach acid that was not very pretty. 

            He took in quick shaky breaths as his chest ached along side his turning belly and he wished he didn't have to go through this.  Niall had had enough and pulled out his phone sending you a quick text saying that he was in the bathroom, not feeling very well and to see if you would come.   

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