Tummy trouble (larry)

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"I don't feel good at all Harry..." Louis whimpered with his head in his hands as his breathing came out jagged & fast.  He had been sitting on the edge of their bed for the past 20 minutes just trying to breathe through the sudden nausea that had woken him up at 3:06 in the morning.  Harry had woken up himself whenever he felt Louis move from his laying down spot to the spot he sat now. 

Harry sighed with a frown placing his comforting hand on his babies back,"I know you're not feeling well love, maybe you should lay back down so your belly can relax?" Harry suggested hoping that maybe that would calm Louis turning stomach down.

"I don't t-think I can..." Louis hiccuped with a hand over his mouth slightly the nausea going up a notch,"I feel like I'm gonna throw up" he whimpered out as everything Louis had eaten the day before swirled around in his upset stomach. 

"I don't know what I can do for you babe." Harry was upset at the fact that he didn't have anything to do for Louis.  His baby was so sick but nothing was helping so all he could do was be there for him. 

Louis sat there breathing heavy breaths as he tried to relax his stomach so hopefully he could lay down again and get some sleep but his stomach had other ideas.  With a gag that had his esophagus straining to bring whatever was upsetting Louis stomach up, Louis let out a sob choking on the gag.

Harry's eyes widened,"run to the bathroom baby" he said quickly ushering Louis along as fast as he could so hopefully they wouldn't ruin their freshly shampooed carpets. 

Louis let out a sick sounding retch as they made it to the toilet and vomit spilled from his lips, past his hands landing over the side of the toilet only partially making it in the bowl.  Louis dropped to his knees, gripping the sides of the toilet with great force as his belly decided everything wasn't up yet and Louis retched over the toilet again sending a wave of sick into the water below. 

With one hand, Harry was rubbing his boyfriends back as it arched over the toilet, while the other was used to constantly flush the toilet so Louis didn't have to stare at it longer than necessary.   Louis belched over the toilet, chunks of undigested food landing in the toilet with a sickening splash, Harry had to look away.

"W-water! H-Harry I want water P-please" Louis cried, his voice echoing from the basin.  Harry nodded although Louis couldn't see and detached his hand from Louis back and went to the sink to fill up a cup with water.  Harry watched Louis with concerned eyes as he cried & sniffled sitting next to the toilet.

Harry brought the cup over helping him to take small sips of the water.  It seemed to help calm Louis down as his stomach settled slightly and he could breath somewhat normally. 

Louis and Harry sat in silence as Louis stomach settled to the point of not being sick again before he moved slightly to rest his head against Harrys shoulder and neck.  He cried slightly feeling just so miserable and just wanting to be held by his love.  Harry wished he could take all the pain away.

"Are you alright love?" Harry whispered after a few minutes of silence.  He wanted to get Louis back into bed as soon as possible so maybe he could sleep off this sudden sickness but he didn't want to rush Louis into leaving the bathroom if his stomach was still feeling wonky. 

Louis shook his head sniffling into Harrys naked chest,"I-i want to lay down in b-bed" Louis answered and Harry nodded and stood up with Louis still attached to him.  Helping him back into the room, Louis lied down on his side of the bed curling up into a tight ball, protecting his stomach. 

Harry watched as Louis breathing slowed but then picked up again as the stomach pains hit.  He tentatively moved his hands to Louis belly, sitting down next to him, placing his hand on his stomach.  Louis whimpered slightly but then relaxed when he realized it was helping.  Louis moved his legs down allowing Harry's hands to rub gentle, large circles over the width of his turning stomach. 

"My stomach really hurts Harry" Louis murmured out as a cramp hit and he shoved his own hand into his stomach breathing heavily.  "Shh I know baby, relax" Harry responded, moving Louis hand and replacing it with his own as his gentle movements on Louis stomach seemed to relax him once again. 

"I want you to sleep, and in the morning if you're still not better I'll get you some tummy medicine and we won't go to the studio okay baby?" Harry kept his voice low.  Louis nodded his head whispering a quiet 'ok' as his eyes closed and he fell into sleep that was much needed. 

Harry slid into the bed behind Louis figure, spooning him so he could gently rest his hand on Louis stomach.   As he felt himself drifting off as well he whispered a quiet "I love you" into Louis ear hoping he was better in the morning.

Really if anything, Louis woke up worse. Harry had woken before Louis so he ventured downstairs to leave Louis to sleep as long as he could get in. He had though maybe sometime Louis would come downstairs saying he was feeling better but that was opposite what had happened.

Harry was enjoying a nice cuppa, with the tv on low so that it wouldn't be too loud & reach their bedroom when he heard movement coming from the stairs. He turned his head quickly seeing Louis make his way slowly down the stairs with a hand clutching his belly and the other holding him up as he walked down the staircase that seemed to be way steeper than normal.

"Hey baby... How're you feeling?" Harry asked as Louis came into the living room and slowly sat down with his boyfriend. He reached a hand to rest on Louis forehead as he spoke,"I'm n-not doing good... I threw up in the bathroom again." Louis eyes filled with tears as he remembered what he had just done before he came down.

"Oh love.. That's not good. You should have called for me" Harry sympathized as he heard what had happened. Louis shrugged curling up close to Harry, needing as much comfort as he could get.

"What's all not feeling well?" Harry whispered rubbing a hand over Louis side and his stomach hoping it would ease some of the queasiness.

"My stomach and head s'all" Louis replied as Harry grabbed the blanket off the back of the couch they were lied out on, draping it over Louis goose bump covered body. Harry made a sound of sadness as he heard what his baby was feeling and he brought him in for a sweet cuddle.

"Well it's a good thing we don't have to go in today baby" Harry smiled as Louis gave a small smile back knowing he wouldn't have to suffer through work while feeling so poorly.

The ending is kinda shitty but I enjoyed writing the rest!! I'm obsessed with reading your guys sick stories and all the new people that are writing and starting up are amazing :)) thank you as well to everyone that continues to read whenever I post and supports me!! You guys are amazing ! Can't wait to read some more of your guys writing!

Also send me some requests that you guys want!! Make them as detailed as you can!! :)
Love ya

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