Harry one shot

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Being on tour was always a blast! There was always boys running around being crazy animals which brought excitement to the days! You loved being on tour, being with Harry too:)

Today had to be one of their BIGGEST concerts ever!


The boys were super pumped but still very nervous, even though they wouldn't show it.

You were joyed to be able to see this big of a show.


"Y/n!" Louis shouted as you turned around seeing Louis running toward you his hair flying behind him

"Whoa whoa whoa!" You said as he nearly rammed into you

As he stopped to catch his breath you asked," what's wrong?"

"Harry" Louis breathed out,"he's feeling sick" Louis informed you standing up strait

"Is he okay? Where is he?" You asked frantically looking around for any sign of the curly haired lad

"He's in the dressing room, his stomach feels queasy" Louis answered

"Follow me" Louis said leading you off to make sure Harry was okay and see what was wrong

"So when did he start feeling sick?" You asked as you guys made the long walk towards the dressing room

"We'll, Liam and I were walking by and we saw him on the couch holding his stomach with his eyes closed and a pained expression on his face" Louis told you the whole story of finding him

"Hmm? Do you think it's anxiety for the concert?" You asked raising an eyes brow

"Oh yeah... It could be! He used to get that a lot during the x-factor!" Louis said realizing that was probably the problem

"Yeah, most likely" you responded staying quiet the rest of the way to the room


As you came to the door of the dressing room you quickly pushed it open slipping in as Louis followed and closed the door.

"Harry.. Babe you okay?" You asked seeing him sprawled out of the floor with his arms covering his face

"No.." He whimpered out making no move to get up

"What's wrong?" You asked kneeling beside his skinny yet muscular form

"I don't feel g-good" Harry said his voice cracking at the end

"Aww baby.. Do you think it's anxiety? You used to have this a lot" you asked knowing it was this because he had been fine all day until now

"I don't know.... My stomach feels sick" Harry cried moving his arms from his face to rest around his stomach

You saw the tears that had pooled on his cheeks as well as filled his beautiful green orbs:(

"Why don't we get up and walk around? I think your just nervous babe" you responded with a frown knowing how bad he could be feeling

"I don't wanna vomit" Harry whimpered looking you in the eyes

"I know you don't baby, but your not gonna get sick. Let's just get up off the ground" you said remembering that even if he said he was gonna throw up he never did he would just dry heave

"B-but what if I do?" Harry cried

"I'll take care of you darling" you said grabbing his hand helping him to his feet standing there for a minute

"How are you feeling?" You asked once he had stood there holding his stomach for a minute

"Not good.." He whispered

"Okay, let's go walk down the hallway" you said leading him out the door and making your way down the hallway

"No... Stop" Harry said once you had made it half way down the hallway

"Come on your fine" you said trying to pull him with you

"No" Harry barley got out before he gagged onto the ground bending over slightly

Nothing was coming out and you knew nothing would,"babe, come on we can go back and sit for a bit" you said as he dry heaved again

He walked slowly toward the dressing room and as you walked through Harry let out a loud retch which sent his back heaving and he slapped his hand across his mouth.

"Bath-" Harry tried to rush to the bathroom but stopped when he retched painfully again and his small dinner came rushing up his throat seeping through his hand

"Shit!" You whisper yelled rushing toward him leading him into the bathroom as he puked onto the floor again before he fell to his knees In front of the toilet

"Y/n" Harry yelled before more stomach acids and vomit came splashing into the toilet

"Shhh, babe calm down" you calmed knowing he was stressing himself too much

"Shhh... Harry take a breath" you comforted more rubbing his sweaty back as his form lurched forward nothing coming out

"My tummy" Harry whimpered breathing heavily over the toilet

"I know baby... Louis can you get a wet cloth?" You asked looking toward Louis stand there in shock

"Yeah" he said quickly wetting a cloth passing it to you

You wiped the excess sick from his mouth and chin before setting it across his neck cooling him down.

"Alright, let's go lay down for a bit. The concert starts in half an hour" you said as you and Louis carefully led Harry to a couch to rest his stomach

After he was comfortable on the couch you sat and talked keeping his mind off his stomach and the concert.


Luckily once the concert came time Harry was okay and not nervous at all! He felt much better and was pumped to get out there.

"Thanks!" Harry smiled hugging you before running on stage after the boys

You smiled to yourself watching your beautiful boyfriend sing and play around with his mates:)


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