He has a stomachache (Liam)

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You were talking to Perrie waiting for the boys to be done recording.

You guys were going to be at the studio for a while knowing that the boys were recording Midnight Memories.

You saw Liam walk out of the recording room and towards the bathroom.

You didn't follow not wanting to bother him when he was on "recording mode"

Liam walked back into the room walking into the recording box.

You continued your conversation with Perrie.

Not even a minute later Liam walked back out and layed down next to you with his head in your lap.

"Whatcha doing babe?" You chuckled scratching his head

"Can we leave now?" He asked you looking up at you

"You can't just leave babe! You've gotta record!" You laughed Perrie laughing along with you

"But.. Mystomachhurts" he mumbled into your stomach

"What was that babe?" You asked wondering what he had said

"My stomach hurts.." He whimpered

You saw tears gathering in his eyes.

"Babe.. Why are you crying? Hey your okay!" You said panicked why he was crying

Liam didn't cry very much and when he did it was a big deal.

"I just wanna go home.." He sobbed into your legs

"Shhh... Babe you need to tell me what's all bothering you" you asked him

"It's just my stomach.. I feel like I'm gonna throw up!" He mumbled sitting up quickly

You rubbed his back trying to calm him down knowing panicking would cause him to get sick.

"I'm gonna ask Paul if we can leave. Stay with Perrie okay?" You kissing his warm head

"O okay" his sobs quieting down


You walked into the booth walking to Paul

"Hey can I take Liam home? He's not feeling too well." You asked Paul

"Yeah... What's wrong with him?" Paul asked concerned

"His stomachs bothering him. He feels like he might be sick.." You said sadly

"Yeah that's fine! Get him better?" Paul asked

"Of course I will!" You answered back walking back with to Liam

"Honey... Paul said we can leave. Let's go" you said helping Liam stand up and out a jacket on.

You said your goodbyes to Perrie walking out of the studio with a hand on the small of Liam's back

He got into the passenger seat laying his head on the window.

You started driving back home rubbing Liam's back the whole time only hearing an occasional whimper and sniffle.


After 2 days of a strange stomach bug that was going around Liam was back at the studio ready to record with his boys:)


There's Liam!!!! Whatcha think??

Love ya


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