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Niall curled up in a ball beside me on the bed silently asking for comfort.

He didn't want to tell you he didn't feel good as to seem like a baby but he really was starting to feel sick.

All day at the studio Niall seemed to feel worse and worse. He was sent home but he just told you they got off early.

"Niall, babe you alright?" You asked seeing his pale face burry into your chest chapped lips parted slightly

"Mmhhmh" he mumbled choking back a sob as he sniffed

"Are you sure? You look kinda pale love?" You asked concerned studying his face

"No..." He whimpered into your chest making you frown

"What's wrong?" You asked adjusting yourself to where you could caress Niall's back

Niall sniffed gulping again,"I-I don't feel good" he whispered

"You don't feel good?" You asked making sure you'd heard right

Niall simply nodded letting a few tears fall down his cheeks.

"Aww babe, it's alright. What doesn't feel good?" You comfortingly asked continuing to rub his back while resting your other hand on his head feeling a bit of a fever

"M-my stomach" he choked out making your frown deeper

"Alright love, let me get you something to help your stomach alright?" You asked moving to get out of the bed

"Okay..." Niall whimpered letting you slip out of bed as you walked to the kitchen where you kept medicine


While getting medicine you also grabbed a water bottle, a movie, and wet a cool cloth.

You gathered the items trudging back up the stairs of your flat.

You slid into the room closing the door behind you being quiet just incase Niall had fallen asleep.

"Ni..." You whispered as you set the supplies on the nightstand before carding your hand through his weakly standing quiff

"Hmmm?" He groaned keeping his eyes shut

"Here, I got you some medicine" you said uncapping the orange liquid pouring it into a little cup

Sitting up on his elbow Niall grabbed the medicine downing it quickly before curling back into a ball under the comforter.

"Do you want a drink?" You asked

"No" Niall answered simply

You frowned sadly down at your little Ni as his pale face furrowed in pain every few seconds.

"Alright" you mumbled slipping in behind Niall on the bed

You gently wrapped your little arms around his broad form placing your hand on his stomach. You rubbed your hand on his stomach soothingly as he adjusted himself to your body.

You guys fit perfectly together.

You kissed his warm forehead lovingly before falling into sleep once you knew Niall was asleep too:)


Niall had been laying staring at the wall for a while now. His stomach had started to act up and he had woken up almost literally vomiting right then and there.

He kept swallowing down the fowl taste not wanting to be sick.

"Mhgmhh" Niall grumbled fixing his position trying to find a comfortable position for his achy, nauseous stomach.

After no success with sleeping Niall's stomach whirled beneath him.

A wave of dizziness washed over him as did nausea, of God he was gonna be sick.

"Y/n.. Y/n! Wake up" Niall suddenly shook you trying to wake you before he lost his lunch

Niall's cheeks puffed up a gag escaping his lips making your eyes snap open with a start.

"Ni-" you were stopped as another gag escaped his perfect lips, his hand slapping over his mouth as sick was already seeping through his fingers

"Shit" you mumbled under your breath jumping out of bed quickly guiding Niall to your en suite bathroom

You didn't quite make it....

Niall kneeled over vomit splattering onto the clean marble floors as you rushed him quicker toward the toilet throwing open the lid for him as he lost it all again.

You sighed,"oh baby.." Before kneeling behind his heaving back holding his hips while rubbing his back with your other hand

Heaves after heaves after heaves seemed to never stop. You wondered if it was ever going to end?

You were whispering comforting words to him when he finally stopped just perched above the toilet bowl.

"Babe.... You alright?" You asked grabbing a wad of toilet paper wiping his mouth

He could only manage a nod as he was exhausted from vomiting for so long.

You sat there in silence for a bit letting him collect himself before he spoke up,"I wanna go to bed" were the weak words that came out

"Okay honey, let's go" you said hopping up easing Niall off the floor

You guided him to the bed switching his shirt with a cleaner one before readjusting the blankets around his shivering body placing a gentle yet sweet kiss on his forehead.

"I'll be right back, I'm gonna clean up" you said remembering Niall had thrown up all over the floor first

Niall nodded his head as you walked off to make sure everything was clean and fresh.


Upon walking in you saw Niall curled up with his teddy bear you had gotten him a while back:)

You cooed quietly snapping a few pictures of the adorable sight.

You slid yourself under the covers with Niall being the bug spoon once again, but you weren't complaining you loved taking care of Niall.

After the long day you were glad he had gotten to sleep easily and hoped he stayed sleeping through the night...


The night hadn't been as you hoped.....

Niall had woken up around midnight just barley making it t the toilet.

You had gotten tired of Niall running into the bathroom ever half hour and had prepared a makeshift bed in front of the toilet.

Even though it wasn't the most comfortable you couldn't have Niall being sick in your bed.

You even, for Niall's sake stayed curled up on the floor with him caressing his back when he was sick and grazing your nails over his back when he needed comforting.

He was perfect, sick or not, you loved him


So lately my stories won't save or they delete a lot of the story and it's really frustrating!!! :/ so I'm sorry but I'm back!!!! I'll be trying to write a lot more now:) hope you guys enjoy and leave me requests or any ideas you guys have!!!

Love ya


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