Niall sick

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"you probably feel so bad because you haven't eaten anything." You told Niall as he sat on the couch, his head in his hands, because he felt so sick.

"If I eat anything, I'm gonna vomit" Niall told you as you sighed and thought about what you should do next. He didn't want to eat, he didn't want to drink anything, so really you weren't sure what to do with him.

"What do you want me to do then baby? You really should be in bed, would you like that?" You finally asked after thinking for a bit.  Niall looked up at you nodding so you held out your hand helping him off the couch to head upstairs to your guys shared bedroom.

You weren't really positive what was wrong with Niall as he just randomly showed up at home after being at the studio for a couple hours saying that he didn't feel so good and that the boys let him go home.  After making a quick call to the other lads you realized that Niall had nearly thrown up at the studio and he boys were worried so they sent him home to rest.

You pulled the covers back getting Niall situated comfortably in the large bed, before covering him back up.  He stared up at you with teary eyes and you could just tell he didn't feel great. His forehead was burning and his cheeks were a red hot color that was burning to the touch.  He had bags under his eyes and he was pale as well. Your poor boy.

"Can I get you anything love? Anything at all?"  You wanted to help in anyway you could.  Niall just shook his head burrowing himself down into the comforter for warmth although he looked warm enough.   You nodded standing by his bedside with your hand running through his hair as he closed his eyes hopefully to get some sleep. You could tell he needed it.

After a couple minutes you could hear his breathing even out and small little snores escape so you deemed it okay to stop rubbing at his scalp and walk around to the other side of the bed. You got in as well hoping to catch up on some much needed sleep as well if Niall was going to be doing so. 

It didn't seem like you were asleep for long before you were rudely awoken by Niall's cries.  You swore you heard something but at first thought it was just your imagination, but after it didn't stop you realized Niall had been sitting up crying.  You quickly sat up beside him trying to get him to tell you what was wrong but he was pretty unresponsive besides the non stopping crying. 

You realized he didn't really want to talk right then so you just pulled him into you shushing him," alright baby.. Shhh, calm down, just lay down."  Niall relaxed back into your embrace putting his pounding head into the crook of your neck hoping for some relief.

"Tell me what to do baby.." You whispered in case his head was hurting and you assumed it was because he whimpered for you to scratch at his scalp and rub his back.  You went ahead and started massaging his head as his cries quieted down and he relaxed enough to where he wasn't crying.  You moved your hands down to his back and ran your nails lightly over his dampened shirt just the way he liked it.  He claimed it helped him feel better all the time.

"Can you tell me what's going on babe?" You asked once he'd calmer down a lot more and was just sniffling.  He nodded.

"I woke u-up and my head hurt and I don't feel good and I think I have a migraine now" Niall started crying a bit more just thinking about the pain.  You squeezed him in for a hug again whispering for him to calm down and take a deep breath so that he didn't make himself ill.

Niall took a deep breath allowing you to soothe him.  You wished you could take away the pain he was feeling but it doesn't work like that and you'd have to just wait out his sudden sickness. 

You thought Niall had fallen back to sleep but that was ruined when he ripped himself from the comfort of your arms with a hand to his mouth a gag escaping his lips.  "Baby, run to the bathroom" you quickly told him as he headed toward the en suite with you hot on his heels.  He stopped to gag over the sink thinking he wasn't going to make it to the toilet and he was right.

Puke spewed over the sink, going everywhere.  All over the granite countertops, and the mirror that was upon the wall was splattered in puke.  You didn't care though, your baby was miserable and didn't feel well and you were more concerned with him. 

You rubbed his back and whenever he got a break from getting sick you helped him out of his sweaty shirt.  He was breathing heavily over the sink, his mouth hung open, sick dripping sickingly into the sink that was already full.  You weren't sure how you were going to go about cleaning it but you'd have to figure it out. 

"Niall.. You done baby?" You questioned wetting a washcloth in the other sink wiping off his mouth then laying another towel over the back of his neck.  He was sweating but shivering. 

"Yes.." Niall whimpered in reply taking the towel that you used to wipe his mouth and cleaning off his hands and sweaty forehead.  "I just want to go lay back down please" he asked and you nodded helping him back into the bedroom to rest. He really needed it.

You went about getting him back in bed with a sick bowl within reach so he didn't have to run back to the bathroom if he was going to be getting sick again.  With a quick kiss on the cheek you headed back into the bathroom to clean up Niall's mess that was causing a horrible smell that you didn't want making Niall more sick.

After cleaning up everything you crawled back into the comfort of your bed and Niall must've been a bit awake because he formed to your body letting you be the big spoon and cuddle him.

I got a sudden urge to update and this is how t turned out! 😂😂 not too bad for not writing in a hot minute lol, but I hope you guys enjoy even though the ending is kinda horrible because I just sorta cut it off lol! But enjoy!

Love ya

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