Sick Harry

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Harry had been awake restless all night unable to fall into sleep. You had tried everything from rubbing his back, running your hands through his hair, getting water, getting food, watching a movie, and the list could go on and on but simply he couldn't sleep.

He had finally gotten to sleep around 5:30 the next morning but as soon as he had been asleep for no longer than half an hour you heard his 6:00 alarm blaring through your guys bedroom.

"Mmmm y/n... No" you heard him groan shoving his head into his pillow

You slipped out of bed turning off his phone alarm before walking to the bathroom to brush your teeth giving Harry a few minutes to sleep.

As you finished up you walked out of the bathroom leaving the light on to shine through the pitch black room as you strode over to Harry's side of the bed.

"C'mon babe, get up sleepy head" you smiled at the cute name ruffling his disheveled hair

"I don't wanna get up" Harry murmured keeping his eyes shut wrapping up more in the warm comforter that was thrown over his body

You sighed,"I'm sorry sweetheart, but you've got to get up the boys are expecting you" you pressed knowing their vocal coach wanted him to the studio by 7 and Harry had been getting to work late for the past week which he had already been scolded about

Harry didn't even respond as he just grunted getting out of bed walking slowly to the bathroom to have a shower.

You rolled your eyes walking downstairs to get coffee made for Harry and yourself.


You heard Harry get out of the shower but stayed downstairs waiting for him to come down for his daily coffee.

You sat enjoying the silence as you drank your coffee tiredly seeing a curly haired boy walking down the stairs in black tight jeans and a sweater which covered his torso beautifully.

You passed him the coffee you had made but he rejected it pushing it back into your hands.

You furrowed your eyebrows. Harry NEVER rejected coffee,"you don't want it?" You asked still confused out of your mind

"My stomach is kind of uneasy" Harry whispered to you sitting in the chair across from you signing deeply resting his head in his hands

"Do you think you're getting sick? Or is it from not sleeping much last night?" You asked standing up going to your medicine cabinet in search of a thermometer

"I don'know" Harry's words came out in a slurred sleepy voice

You found the thermometer walking back over to Harry moving his hair off his forehead feeling his head with the back of your fingers then slipping the device into his ear.

"I can't be sick... I have work.." Harry whispered to you knowing he couldn't miss work

"Don't worry about that right now, well see if you're actually sick" you replied hearing the beep of the thermometer pulling it out of his ear glancing at the numbers

"100 even" you said more to yourself than to Harry

It was already 6:48 and Harry needed to leave like right now to make it to work,"I guess just head to work, if you start to feel ill tell one of the boys and I'll come get you" you told him as he nodded grabbing his coat

You kissed his lips lightly exchanging your goodbyes before you watched him drive away hoping he'd be fine.

But I mean one can only hope.

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