Harry's ill :(

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"Are you nauseous or is it just achy?" Louis asked Harry as he lay in a fetal position in his bunk taking low, deep breaths trying to quell the pain in his stomach. It wasn't helping and he didn't know if he felt necessarily nauseous or if it just hurt? He didn't feel quite like being sick but the ache might bring that on later.

"I don'know it just hurts a lot Lou." Harry answered squeezing his eyes shut in pain trying to take more breaths and just breath through the pain.

Harry wanted nothing more than to sleep but sleep wasn't coming very easily and Louis felt bad but he didn't know what to do for him. He had already given him 2 different types of medicine that didn't seem to really help.

"Alright babe.." Louis stood next to Harry's top bunk trying to think of anything else he could do as he stroked at Harry's sweaty mess of curls that he hadn't even bothered to pull into a bun,"do you want me to lay with you or something? Maybe try and get sleep." Louis continued.

Harry nodded and mumbled a yes allowing his boyfriend to climb up into his bunk squeezing into the back of the bunk, slipping under Harry's blanket, and pulling Harry to his chest. Louis peppered light kisses to Harry's forehead while rubbing his back with one hand, the other hand used to keep Harry close to him.

Harry's breathing quickened as a particularly large cramp ran through his stomach, tears springing to his eyes. His hand wrapped around his own stomach trying to massage the pain out. Louis shushed him,"Harry.. Take some deep breaths, you're okay." he whispered into his ear.

With eyes clamped shut Harry breathed trying to calm his stomach. It seemed to help a little because the pain mellowed and he sighed, muscles un-tensing allowing him to close his eyes with tiredness and not pain.

Louis smiled a small smile continuing with the back rub so Harry could try and sleep. He definitely needed it and some food would probably do him some good but they would work on keeping food down later cause Harry and Louis himself wasn't sure Harry could hold it down as of right now.


Harry awoke with a start as a strange wave of nausea washed over him and he had to swallow hard to keep from vomiting all over himself and the bunk. He whimpered gripping Louis shoulder shaking him with as much force as his weak body could do. Luckily Louis wasn't a very hard sleeper and he woke quickly seeing Harry sitting up slightly. His face had gone very pale.

"You alright?" Louis sat up placing his hand on Harry's forehead feeling for a fever. His head was for sure warmer than it should have and Harry was sweating like a pig. This wasn't good.

"Louis I'm g-gonna get sick." Harry whined moving slowly to get off his bunk, Louis following right behind him into the toilets. Once inside Harry stopped at the little sink holding himself up against it taking a deep breath before sinking to the floor in front of the toilet.

Louis stepped inside the cramped space of the bathroom wetting a cloth with cold water setting it in the sink while he grabbed a hair tie pulling Harry's hair up into a horrible bun. Harry would be disappointed if he didn't feel so bad right now, but the few pieces of hair that had fallen out of the bun didn't matter right now. Harry was about to throw up and he felt so sick.

Breathing heavily over the toilet Harry spit, a thick string of saliva hitting the clear toilet water. Louis took the towel he had wet placing it on the back of Harry's neck making Harry's arms and legs erupt with goosebumps.

"You doing okay?" Louis asked quietly running his hand over Harry's back in a circular motion. Harry barely shook his head cause God, he felt so bad. He hated it.

It took another five minutes before Harry even moved from his hunched over position over the bowl. He whimpered slightly gagging only letting out a sick sounding burp. Louis knew what that meant thought, Harry was about to be ill.

"You're alright babe." Louis reassured kissing the back of his neck to comfort him in any way he could. And with that Harry's stomach tensed and he threw up. It was quick but when one round of sick came up many more started coming quickly after allowing very little breathing time.

Louis rubbed his back in soothing circles while holding one of Harry's hands which was holding the edge of the toilet tightly, his knuckles turning white.

It was a long 9 minutes but with one final heave Harry could tell he was done. He didn't have anything else to bring up as he hadn't eaten since yesterday afternoon anyway. Louis took the still damp cloth off Harry's neck using it to clean off his mouth of any excess sick, then cleaning the rim of the bowl where Harry had managed to slightly miss the bowl.

"You're alright, Harry. Do you wanna sit in here for a bit or go lay down?" Louis asked standing up his knees cracking.

"M'gonna sit for a minute." Harry answered simply moving to sit on his bottom and not his knees. Louis nodded walking out of the bathroom with a 'be right back' to Harry heading to the front of the bus.

Louis saw Paul and Niall laughing about something while he went to open the mini fridge and grab a cold bottle of water. Niall and Paul stopped their conversation when they saw Louis,"hey what's up?" Niall asked

"Harry's not feeling very well. He's just been sick in the bathroom, think he's got some sort of bug." Louis told them with a frown. "Is he alright?" Paul asked concerned. I mean he was their manager/body guard and it was his job to watch over them.

"Think he's just a little shaken up. He'll be okay" Louis replied walking back to the bathroom to see if Harry was ready to go lay down.


"Hey" Louis smiled walking in on Harry sitting against the bus wall with his eyes shut. Harry smiled slightly back up at him excepting the water bottle taking a few little sips from it. Louis watched Harry drink about a third of the bottle before screwing the cap back shut holding it up to his boyfriend.

"You ready to go lay back down?" Louis asked and Harry nodded and mumbled a 'yes' allowing Louis to help him back to his feet and walk slowly back to his bunk and Louis even hopped into the bunk helping Harry up as well.

Louis tucked the comforter around both of them, Harry snuggling his head into Louis neck breathing in the sweet scent of his cologne that luckily wasn't nauseating. Louis smiled at him lovingly.

"Thank you" Harry whispered in which Louis smiled and answered back that it was nothing and that he would always take care of his baby.

"I love you" Harry said so quietly Louis barely heard. But he did hear

And the last thing Harry heard before he fell asleep was the quiet "I love you most" Louis had replied and the kiss that was placed right on his chapped lips.

Louis loved him :)


Hi :) haha I wrote something!!! And guess what... ITS LARRY!! But I'm guessing you guys saw that coming ;) lol but I hope you guys enjoyed this sickfic and make sure to leave comments about what you think about it and any other ideas you guys have for me!

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