Rehearsal sickness

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"Niall...Niall..." Niall could faintly hear someone whispering his name out

Niall groaned turning over in his bed trying to get away from the sound, wanting to sleep more.

"Niall come on wake up" Harry said a little louder nudging Niall's side

When Harry had nudged his stomach he felt last nights dinner roll around inside his stomach....and he could feel a headache coming on too.

"Stop" Niall whimpered pulling the blankets over his head

"We've got rehearsal, be ready in 10" Harry finally just said walking away from Niall's bunk

"Ugh" Niall mentally groaned not feeling like having rehearsal let alone a concert tonight

He hadn't realized how bad his stomach was hurting and the dull ache in the back of his head had turned into a slightly more intense headache.

"Liammmmmm" Niall moaned hearing his mates footsteps getting closer

"Yeah?" Liam asked peaking into his bunk

"Can you get me some Advil?" Niall asked with puppy eyes

"Uh... Sure" Liam said walking off returning seconds later with 2 blue pills in hand

"Are you okay?" Liam asked as he watched Niall wince as he took the small pills

"Yeah, just a headache" Niall mumbled slipping out of his bed to get into something warmer than just boxers as he shivered

"Okay, meet us in the front" Liam responded still eyeing Niall worriedly as he walked off and Liam headed back to the front with the other boys

Niall took in his appearance in the mirror and hissed. He looked horrible!

This was not going to be a good day....


"You finally decided to wake up!" Harry shouted as Niall walked to the front of the bus taking a seat on one of the empty couches

"Shut up" Niall mumbled placing a hand on his head rubbing small circles with his fingers on his temples

"Someone's grumpy" Zayn said under his breath

"Whatever, let's get going boys!" Liam said ushering Niall and the other guys off the bus and into the massive arena

"This is huge!" Louis yelled taking in the arena stage

"Yeah, I can't believe were here" Liam responded placing an arm around Louis shoulders taking it all in

Niall swayed slightly on his feet the lights blaring through his skull making him want to kneel over and vomit all over the stage.

He swallowed down the bile rising in his throat steadying himself on Liam's shoulder making Liam eye him worriedly.

Niall smiled a reassuring smile at him making Liam feel a little better about Niall.

"Well let's get practicing!" Their sound manager shouted handing mics to all of the boys

"Yeah!!" Louis shouted obviously excited to start singing on the new stage

Niall just hoped he could hold down his stomachs contents for at least rehearsal.


"And we danced all night to the best song ever" they ended their first song feeling so much more pumped

"Great job boys" the sound manager praised as the next song started

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