He gets sick on stage (Harry)

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You were watching the show from the side stage as the boys goofed off as always.

As you were enjoying the show you saw Harry whisper something into Niall's ear earning a worried look from Niall.

Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

Harry looked toward you mouthing something you didn't quite get.

"What?" You mouthed back giving him a confused look

"I feel sick" he mouthed back to you putting a hand on his stomach

"You okay?" You mouthed worried he might be sick on stage

Harry shrugged his shoulders turning back to the crowd as his solo came up.

You just watched Harry closely looking for signs of him feeling more sick


It had been about 20 minutes since Harry had mouthed to you that he felt sick.

They bits were starting up their next song.

Harry's face tinted more pale and he looked at Louis as the song started.

He mouthed something to Louis and Louis started singing Harry's part.

You could tell the crowd was confused to why Louis was singing for Harry but you knew that Harry was probably feeling pretty bad.

You saw Harry's eyes go wide as his hand flew to his mouth and he rushed off stage toward where you were standing.

He looked around frantically trying to find something to be sick in.

You ran up to him," babe!! Calm down... Take a deep breath.." You told him rubbing his sweaty back.

He couldn't hold it in any longer and his stomach lurched and vomit spewed all over the floor and his shoes.

You quickly brushed his hair back looking for a trash can.

Paul rushed up to you thrusting a bin into your hands as you put it in front of Harry before he made a bigger mess.

"Y/n...... Do I have to go back out?" He whimpered looking up at you

"Of course not sweetie... Let's go lay down." You rested your hand on his lower back leading him to the dressing room.


Harry lay on the couch with a wash cloth on his forehead a bin filled with his stomachs contents.

You kneeled next to his weak body," you doing okay love?" You asked sweetly

"Yeah.... Will you lay with me?" Harry whispered to you

You tucked in next to Harry on the couch waiting for the show to be over.


The boys rushed into the room after the show seeing Harry and you laying down watching a movie on the tv.

"Harry! Oh my are you okay??"Niall yelled seeing his mate so sick

"I'm fine.... I just didn't feel good" Harry sighed looking at the boys

"I hope you feel better mate" Liam said patting Harry on the back

"Thanks... Me too" Harry said turning over falling asleep in your arms.


Hope that wasn't too bad! Whatcha think??

Love ya


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