your kids sick and he's the only one home (Harry)

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Harry desided he was going to take a day off being in need of a good rest.  Little did he know he wasn't going to get as much rest as he would have wanted.

Harry heard the phone ringing, getting out of bed to answer it, 

harry: hello?

school: Hi is this Mr. Styles

Harry: yes and who is this?

school: this is y/s/n school nurse, she has come down with something and it would be great if you could come pick her up?

Harry: of course ill be there as soon as i can may i talk to her?

School: yeah here you go.......

Daughter: hi daddy

Harry: what happened love?

Daughter: i got sick in the bathroom

Harry: alright im coming to get you bye baby love you

Daughter: bye love you too.

Harry jumped in the car heading to her school.


Once entering the school building he walked to the nurses office where his little girl layed on a cot on the floor.

He picked her up and signed her out qickly to get her home.

"dad im sorry" your daughter whispered to harry on the way home

"there's nothing to be sorry about baby. you didnt mean to get sick" harry reasured your daugher

"okay thanks daddy" she said laying her head on the window.

upon getting home your daughter ran to the bathroom Harry trailing after her.

"Daddy i dont feel good" she whimpered over the toilet.

"i know you dont darling why dont i get some medicine and we can lay down on the couch?" Harry asked

"Okay daddy that sounds nice" she sighed leaning back from the toilet flushing its contents


Once in the living room your daughter cuddled up to Harry as he aimlessly rubbed her back in soothing small circles.

"thanks for taking care of me daddy" she whispered quietly before her eyes drooped shut and she fell into a peaceful sleep.

"Your welcome i love you baby girl" Harry whispered kissing her forehead softly before snuggling up next to her and falling asleep too.

Once you got home from work you found your 2 babies (one being harry) passed out on the couch and you just had to post a picture on twitter of your babies cuddling.:)


Hope this is okay!!! Im excited to start the next suggestion.

Love ya  xxx

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