He's in the hospital (Niall)

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You were watching the boys concert from the side stage.

While singing along you noticed Niall was heading to sit down on a prop.....

Harry wen over whispering something in his ear earning a simple shrug from Niall.

You didn't let it phase you too much knowing if something was wrong Niall would tell you.

Minutes later Niall was up and running around with the rest of the guys being crazy with them as always:)


The concert was coming to an end as the boys were saying their thank yous.

You noticed Niall didn't say anything to the crowd as he just stood there gazing into space looking at the ground ever now and then.

The boys were running off stage as Niall stumbled behind them heading toward you.

"Good job babe!!" You said excitedly giving Niall a passionate kiss.

"Thanks.." He croaked out

"You ready to go?" You asked as he nodded heading back to the bus with you.

Once on the bus Niall headed strait for his bunk leaving you with the rest of the boys.

"Does he seem okay to you guys?" You asked as you guys all sat around without Niall

"He told me he felt dizzy" Harry informed you seeing the concern in your voice

"I'm gonna go check on him.." You got up heading to Nialls bunk

You ran your hand down Nialls back earning a groan in reply

"You feeling okay honey?" You asked as you saw him nod his head not looking at you

"I'm fine.." He mumbled from tiredness

"Harry said you felt a little sick during the concert?" You whispered

"Yeah... I'm fine now... Just tired" he informed you

He turned around facing you giving you a weak smile...

"Get some sleep" you said as you kissed his forehead gently feeling heat radiate off of it


"He says hes fine..." You told the boys walking back into the front room of the bus

"Yeah right..." Zayn sasses with a thick Bradford accent

"I'm gonna go lay down with him to see if he'll open up" you decided walking back to Nialls bunk

"Ni.. I'm gonna lay with you okay?" You asked

Niall nodded scooting over a little for you to fit in with him.

"I know you have a fever sweetheart.. Just tell me if you feel worse?" You asked concerned

"I will.." He mumbled falling asleep with you following in his footsteps minutes late


You heard whimpering coming from beside you as well as a sweaty form lying next to you.

You felt Nialls head recoiling quickly feeling a burning fever.

"Niall.. Are you awake?" You asked knowing he probably was because he was whimpering

"Yeah.." He whispered

"Are you feeling okay?" You asked as he turned over to face you

"No.... I don't feel very well.." He sobbed laying his head on your chest

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