He gets sick at an interview (Louis)

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Louis and the boys were at the interview building getting ready for the long interview that awaited.

Louis had been sick the past few day with a stomach virus but management was having nothing of it.

"You need to do the interview! They've been waiting to see you guys for ages" management scolded.

"Fine..." Louis mumbled going to get his makeup done.


"Louis you feeling okay?" Lou,their sylisist asked him applying more powder to his pale face

"No.... I feel awful. Louis groaned putting his head in his hands

"Why are you doing this?? You don't look so good" Lou asked concerned

"I have to..." Louis mumbled getting off the chair walking to the couch in their dressing room

Louis layed down trying to get the nauseous feeling to subside.

He shoved his head into a pillow, whimpering feeling his stomachs contents whirl around.

"Mate you feel any better?" Niall asked throwing a blanket over Louis form

"No...." Louis whimpered voice shaky eyes clouded with tears

Niall kneeled down rubbing his back not knowing much he could do.

"I'm gonna be sick....." Louis whispered getting off the couch walking to the bathroom leaving Niall kneeling there.

He decided to go find Liam, daddy direction.


"Liam... louis not doing so good" Niall informed him

"Where is he??" Liam panicked looking around for the sick boy

"He said he was gonna be sick and walked to the bathroom" Niall said leading him to the bathroom he went into

"Louis.... Let me in... It's liam" Liam said from outside the bathroom door

He heard muffled cries then a small voice," come in"

Liam slid through the door allowing himself and Niall to slip in before closing the door.

Louis was limply laying over the toilet with vomit all in the toilet and sink.

"Lad.. This isn't good.." Liam whispered seeing Louis' body so lifeless

Liam looked at Niall worriedly not knowing what they should do.

"Does your stomach hurt?" Niall asked trying to get some answers

"Yeah... It's bad... I feel really bad" Louis said his body lurching nothing coming up

Louis whimpered

"Do you wanna go to the hospital?" Niall asked skeptically

"I don't know.. Do I need to?" Louis asked quietly closing his eyes

"It seems like it.... Your in bad shape" Liam pointed out

"Ahhhhhhh!!!!" Louis screamed in pain grabbing his stomach

Liam jumped forward grabbing him stroking his back trying to calm him.

"Where does it hurt???" Niall asked quickly feeling around Louis stomach

"Here.." Louis whimpered pointing toward his right side

" let's go! We need to go to the hospital!" Niall ordered grabbing Louis pulling him up carrying him bridal style.

"What are you doing?" Liam asked confused

"He has appendicitis! Let's go!" Niall said running out of the bathroom

The boys ran after Niall seeing him run out with Louis.


"What are you doing??" The boys asked panicked as Niall got Louis in the car

"He has appendicitis he needs to get to the hospital!" Niall yelled

Paul heard and jumped into the car all the boys following having management tell the interview station.

They headed off toward the hospital not wanting Louis appendix to explode....

They pulled up to the hospital Paul grabbing Louis running in the hospital.

Louis was rushed off to surgery right then and there....


*after surgery*

The boys walked into Louis room running to him.

"Hi.." Louis said weekly lightly hugging all the boys

"Are you okay?" Harry asked worried

"A little sore but I don't feel sick anymore" Louis told them.

"Good!" Niall yelled


There's Louis! Sorry it's not that good! :/ the others will be better!

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