He's sick and calls one of the boys (Zayn)

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The boys had been on tour for the past 3 months now. Going from city to city doing shows every night. The constant work and sleepless nights were really starting to get to Zayn...

Zayn lay awake in his hotel room by himself while his head ached with pain and he could feel a fever radiating off himself.

He really needed someone to comfort him but didn't want to bother any one at this time.

"What time is it anyway?" Zayn mumbled to himself turning his body to look at the clock

3:47 A.M

"Ughhsjshh" Zayn groaned into his pillow knowing he'd have to been up in just hours to have sound check

Zayn stood shakily to his feet heading toward the small kitchenette to get a drink of water.

As the water entered his stomach he could feel his stomach trying to protest against the water.

"No no no" Zayn whispered not wanting to be sick as he quickly made it to a couch to sit down

After trying to ease the pain in his head and calm the slight queasiness Zayn pulled out his iPhone deciding he didn't want to be alone when he got sick... Which he knew would happen some time.

He quickly sent Liam a text, him being daddy direction and all:)

To: Li

From: Zayn

Text: hey, are you awake? I'm not feeling so well.....

He sent the text waiting for a reply which came within the minute

To: Zayn

From: Li

Text: are you okay? Do you want me to come to your room?

Zayn read over the text feeling bad that he had woken him up but feeling last nights dinner trying to find a way up, so he quickly replied a simple "yes"

Zayn set his phone on the coffee table closing his eyes laying back against the couch waiting for Liam to walk through the door.


Zayn woke to the sound of his door being opened and he saw Liam's figure walk in.

"Hey mate, you feeling okay?" Liam asked walking over sitting next to Zayn on the couch

Zayn simply shrugged his shoulders.

"Can you tell me what's bothering you? Niall's been complaining of his stomach hurting all night too" Liam asked informing Zayn about Niall

"My heads killing, and I'm feeling sick to my stomach" Zayn answered Liam

"Well, I think it's a 24 hour bug. You wanna go lay down?" Liam asked

"I guess" Zayn whispered in a thick Bradford accent following Liam into his room

Zayn lay down when Liam asked," can I get you anything?"

"A trash can, I feel like I'm gonna throw up" Zayn whimpered curling up in a ball

"I'm so sorry mate, I'll be right back" Liam sadly responded retrieving a trash bin from the bathroom

Liam placed the bin on the floor by Zayn's bed within reach or within bending over reach:(

"Will you stay with me?" Zayn whimpered before Liam could leave him

"Yeah, of course" Liam walked over to Zayn's bed getting under the blankets next to him

"Try and rest, wake me up if you feel like your gonna be sick" Liam said wrapping an arm around Zayn just for some comfort

"Okay" Zayn whispered before falling asleep knowing daddy direction would take care of him

Liam smiled to himself before falling asleep himself:)


"Liam.......Liam........Liam........." Zayn was whispering in the dark room trying to get Liam up before he was sick all over the place

Liam faintly heard his name which made him wake up. He saw Zayn sat against the headboard holding his stomach with another hand fisted around his stomach.

"What's wrong?" Liam asked as he saw a single tear glistening down his cheek

"I-I'm gonna b-be" Zayn didn't get the rest out as his stomach lurched forward and all the dinner came rushing out onto the bed and into his lap

"An shit!" Liam whisper said rushing out of bed grabbing the trash bin placing it in Zayn's lap before he could be sick on himself again

"Shh.... Your okay, try and breath" Liam helped Zayn through the sickness as more and more vomit made a reappearance into the trash

"L-Liam!" Zayn screamed before another load of sick came out splashing in the trash

"Ah mate.." Liam hissed rubbing his back trying to get it to end

"H-help" Zayn choked out coughing on his own vomit before it spewed out into the bin

"Okay,'okay" Liam didn't know what he could do except reassure him and rub his sweating back until it was done

After all Zayn's stomachs contents had exited his stomach he started dry heaving heavily into the trash can.

"Breath Zayn, you've got to take a deep breath" Liam stated trying to show Zayn how to breath

Zayn's dry heaves eventually turned into small coughs but at times Liam had contemplated calling for help.

He hated seeing one of his mates so sick,"Zayn...you okay now?" Liam asked concerned placing the bucket next to the bed before easing him back down onto the pillows

"I-I think so.." Zayn breathed out a sigh of relief that he was done

"Shit, mate you scared the living hell out of me" Liam said still giving Zayn concerned eyes

"I'm fine now, I just needed that out of my system" Zayn said letting his eyes close feeling extremely tired

"Okay.... Well see how your doing in the morning" Liam said snaking his arm back around Zayn's waist under the covers

"Thanks" Zayn whispered thankful for Liam's help

"Anything, I hope you feel better soon" Liam said before him and Zayn both passed out from tiredness


Waking up the next morning Zayn and Niall were both diagnosed with a severe case of the stomach flu and the other 3 boys spent the next week and a half taking care of their mates:)

Let's just hope none of the other boys catch it:/


What did you guys think!? I really enjoyed writing this and I'm sorry I haven't been on, my friend was over for a couple days lol! I'll be back to writing so be sure to send me your requests and give me ideas:)

Love ya


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