Got it Handled

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Daniella's POV

It was 12 in the afternoon now and the baby was awake. I tried calling Kaydence so I could find out what her eating schedule was, his phone kept going straight to voicemail. She wasn't crying or anything but I needed to know when she'd get hungry.

We were in the living room watching Bubble Guppies on Netflix. I knew that kids started watching TV as babies, her big brown eyes were glued to the screen.

I wondered how old she was. I didn't even know her name.

"What the hell? Who's baby?" Carlos stopped in the middle of the stairs and asked.

"Kaydence. He needed me to watch her, he had some type of emergency." I glanced back at him. He had walked into the living room and looked down at her, she started crying.

"Go away Carlos!" I picked her up and bounced her on my leg.

"Man I thought that maybe she'd think I was her dad! We look alike a lil bit." He rubbed his hand across his chin and then walked off, I laughed and Karcyn stopped crying once he was gone.

When they started singing on the show she started bouncing and laughing, chewing on her fingers. She was so cute! She favored Kaydence a lot, her skin tone matched his and they had the same nose.

"Carlos, what does Kaydence do?" I tried to shake all of the thoughts that ran through my head and this lead to why I had asked. I was worried about him.

"He uh- I don't know what he does, he never told me." He was walking back upstairs with a big bowl of cereal. I could tell that he was lying. "Stop lying, tell me"

"That's your nigga Dani, ask him. I'm not gettin in the middle of that" He disappeared upstairs. Getting in the middle of what?

Kaydence's POV

I was searching through every neighborhood that I knew of, even the neighborhoods that my rivals stayed in. I didn't give a fuck right now, I needed to find my mama and I was doing this shit alone.

I heard police sirens and saw blue lights flashing behind me. "Shit!" I pulled over to the side of the road and braked. I fucking hate the police.

I waited for the cop to get out of his car before I rolled my window down.

"Where you headed?" He looked at me briefly and started looking inside of the car. "I'm just riding bro. Why you stopped me?"

"Do you know the speed limit over here in this school zone?"


"It's 25, you were doing 50."

"I wasn't doing no fucking 50 man, ain't no way."

"You were sir. Can I see your license and registration?"

"Look, don't fucking shoot me, aight?" These motherfuckers been shooting us lately and I ain't going for that. He nodded and I reached over, opening the glove department, grabbing my license and registration. I handed it to him and he looked down at it.

"Okay, I'll be right back." He walked back to his car, I guess to run my tags. I was getting kinda nervous, not because he was running the tags but because I had just killed two people in less than a month. I needed to stay far away as possible from these motherfuckas.

"I'm giving you a ticket of $217 for speeding in a school zone and one for $25, you aren't wearing a seat belt." I looked down and was just now realizing that I wasn't wearing it. I took the tickets from him and without saying anything I started the car.

"Be safe." I drove off.

Anonymous POV

"Aye, wake up!" I lightly kicked the lady in her arm. She was laying on her side with her legs up to her chest. It was cold as hell in here. She slowly got up and looked up at me.

I dropped down to her level. I hoped that she wouldn't get crazy and hit me or nothing because I'd kill her ass.

"Do you have any kids?" I knew the answer to her question but I had to ease in the question that I really needed the answer to.

"Yes. I have two children." Tears welled up in her eyes and started falling shortly after. I felt kinda bad. "A son and a daughter." She said before she broke down, sobbing.

"Your daughter, how old is she?"

"She's only 17, please.. I know they're looking for me. Can I go home?"

"What about your son?"

"He's 22." I thought he was about 25 how he was on his shit. He's a lil ass boy to me and here I am, tryna get at him behind my cousin

"Do they both live with you?"

"My daughter does. Why're you asking about my kids?"

"I'm just tryna get to know ya, what're their names?"


"Just answer the fucking question!" I spat at her causing her to jump. She let out a sigh before responding, "Kaydence and Dior." I nodded and stood up straight.

"Kaydence is your son? Kaydence Ortiz?" I rubbed my chin hairs.

"H- How do you know him?" I chuckled before walking out. I needed to talk to my nigga real quick.

Ayriel's POV

"Alright Wesley, you need to let it go! You still got your head stuck up her ass, let her move on!" I yelled and walked into the kitchen. He was pissing me off talking about this 'Dani' bitch. He had told me everything about her like I gave a fuck.

She was a Registered Nurse at Johns Hopkins and had a lot going for herself and a bunch of other shit. I didn't give a damn about any of that.

"It's just overwhelming.. that guy isn't good for her, he's gonna hurt her... just like he did you" I rolled my eyes and turned to see that he had followed me into the kitchen. Firstly, he didn't know shit about Kaydence to be speaking on him.

"We gotta do something Ayriel, I need your help."

"Why the fuck would I help you?" I crossed my arms over my chest.


"You know what, get the fuck out! You've been talking about that bitch all day! Get out!" I yelled and pointed towards the door. Without saying anything, he walked out. He had me all types of fucked up.

I ran my fingers through my Peruvian weave and walked back to the living area. I grabbed my phone and dialed Marcus' number.

"I got it handled fam."


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