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Kaydence's POV

Shit was going smooth. I had my car, a lil condo, and my money was right. Being in charge of niggas wasn't easy but the way I was getting paid, I ain't wanna ever give this shit up.

I stayed drinking lean, poppin pills, and smoking just to keep my mind off of the fam and Dani. I was missing them like fuck and I knew Dior was headed off to college by now.

Being around Asia was straight temptation and it was hard as fuck to resist especially after not having pussy for like two months. Every time I thought about going with my move Dani's face would pop up in my head.

"KD, I know you hear me." I looked up and she was standing in the doorway of my office. She had started wearing clothes that showed her curves off cause she knew a nigga was looking.

"Nah, I didn't. What you say?"

"Marvin is outside for you!" She walked further in, closing the door behind her. "And do you like this on me or?" She spun around in a tight black dress that stopped mid thigh.

"Yeah, you look good. Wearing that for me?" She rolled her eyes, "Most definitely not. My cousin's birthday is tonight and I was wondering if you and the rest of the guys wanted to come through."

"I'll see what's up." I stood up from my desk and followed her out of the room. She strutted towards the front door and opened it.

"Bring yo ass on nigga." Marvin was posted up against his car. "Ride wit' me." Asia hopped in the back.

"Where we goin?"

"To meet with Mike." Reality had sunk in for me. I was working with the fuckin' police and that wasn't me at all.

"Y'all two sure be together a lot. Y'all got something going on?" He asked. "She playin with me." I looked back at her and then went to pull the bag of Xans that I had in my pocket out. I popped one and then put em away.

"Stop playing with him Asia." She sucked her teeth at the both of. "Whatever.. I'm not giving this pussy up unless a nigga earn it."

About 30 minutes later we pulled up to a warehouse and I started feeling funny. Since the lil incident with those MPR niggas I didn't like warehouses. We all got out and went inside.

There was a big round table directly in the middle of the floor and about 20 people were seated but I only knew like five of em.

"Who the fuck is this nigga?" The dude sitting next to Mike asked him. "Just shut the fuck up for a minute, aight?" He did as he said. I sat in the empty seat next to Mike and Asia sat on the right side of me.

Mike cleared his throat and started speaking. "Now that everyone is here, we can discuss what's been going on.."

"First and foremost, everybody meet KD." Everyone looked at me. I had realized that Asia was the only girl in here. They all greeted me except for the ones who knew me.

"He's in charge of the trap on 76th now so that means y'all gon treat his just like y'all treat me and Marvin. Including you Mitch." He glared at the salty nigga sitting next to him. After he said his name I knew this was the dude that I had replaced.

"Bullshit." Mitch shot back and laughed. I was too high to even entertain him.

"If that's the case, you can leave now." Marvin chimed in, shooting him a deadly look.

"Marvin shut the fuck up. We all know this pretty ass nigga won't put in more work than me." I couldn't help but laugh at this goofy ass lil boy. Remembering that I had my .9 on my hip, I clutched it just in case some shit popped off.

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