Let Her Know

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Kaydence's POV

It slipped my mind that I had to check this guy out for Marvin but he didn't even tell me what he looked like so that was a dub. I was leaving the club, I was drunk as hell and needed to get home.

Dontae really tried some fuck shit tonight, tryna spit game at Daniella like he don't know I was feeling her but I could never fall out with my brother over a bitch. She did look good tonight tho, good as hell. That romper had all of her curves showing and shit.

I had made it home and while I was unlocking the front door, a car was coming down the driveway. I pulled my .9 out and waited for them to get out. No lacking. Who the fuck comes to my house at 3 am?

The back door opened and a girl stepped out and started walking towards the porch. It was this crazy ass bitch Christian.

I was so caught up the other day when my driver told me that she came by and now I wanted to know how in the hell she knew where I lived!

"What the fuck you doin here man?" I scolded. This shit could get ugly real fast. I don't think when I'm drunk. I used to make Ayriel cry all the damn time when I was under the influence.

"I wanted to see you. The guy said he'd deliver my message." She walked up the stairs. "Man how the fuck you know where I live B? You stalkin' me?"

She laughed, "no, I have my ways but that's not important. Can we talk?"

"We ain't got shit to talk about yo. Tell yo uber dude to wait." I pointed towards the über.

"No, seriously. We need to talk."

"What the fuck we got to talk about?!" I yelled causing her to jump.

"Ya boy, Dontae"  I needed to hear this.

Carlos' POV

Going to Elorado was pointless as hell. Nobody from HLW hit me up and I was lowkey mad. I needed this shit more than ever. I did get a few phone numbers though so that was cool.

"Why you so quiet?" I looked over at Dani and she was focusing on the road. Without answering she turned the radio on. Something was up with her but I wouldn't ask, she was probably drunk. When we got to the house I went straight for the couch. I was tired as hell.

Daniella's POV

I couldn't help but think about Kaydence coming over tomorrow while I took my shower. I was scared of what could go wrong. Two crazy men in one room, there weren't too many things that could go right. I washed my body several times before stepping out.

I looked at myself in floor mirror and admired myself. I was really beautiful and it took me a while to notice it. When I was younger, I was very insecure and now that I'm grown, I'm learning how important self love is. I walked over to my drawer and pulled a pair of VS panties out and slid them on. I rubbed myself down in Moroccan oil and then got in bed.  

Next Day, 10:23 am

Dior's POV

"Good morning, mommy" I walked into the kitchen and hugged her. "Good morning baby." She kissed my cheek.

I grabbed a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch from the pantry and a bowl from the cabinet. She already had the milk sitting on the island for me.

"What time are we going to B&O?" She asked, pouring coffee into her mug. "Probably like 6, I gotta call Kaydence and let him know too."

"I hope he doesn't go crazy when he finds out that you're dating." Little did she know, he knew more than her.

"I doubt he will."

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