Elorado Pt. 1

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Kaydence's POV

I stood in my closet trying to find out what I would wear to the club. I wanted to go basic. I skimmed through a few fits that I had bought a few weeks ago. I decided to go with a black leather coat over my BAPE hoodie, a pair of light balmains, and my black forces.

I went to my hall closet, grabbed a towel and headed towards my bathroom. I started my shower and hopped in. After a good 20 minutes I got out and brushed my teeth.

Before getting dressed I checked the time which read 9:14. I was tryna get there early so I could beat the crowd. Elorado did get crowded on Friday's, mainly with hoes and wannabe tough niggas. Shit, that's what the majority of Baltimore is.

I pulled my shirt over my head and then went off to my safe. This is where I kept the jewelry, the pistols, and the racks. Can't be lacking when you a nigga like me, niggas will rob you quick. I grabbed my F&N and slid it on my waist and then slid a few hundreds in my pocket. I was gon' chill on the jewelry tonight.

Fellas, don't try to impress your homeboys or a bitch when you stepping out. That's making yourself a target, hating niggas will rob you.

I put some round framed glasses on and then I grabbed my phone and the key to my corvette z06 and headed downstairs. I would call Dontae and OJ when I was there but knowing them, they'd be late.

I pulled out of my driveway and headed in the direction of the club. I would try not to get too fucked up tonight but it's been a while since I turned up so it really ain't no tellin'

When I got to the club it was a quarter to 10 and the crowd was nice. I called Fat Ass' phone.

"Where you at nigga?"

"Pulling up." I got out of my car so that I could scope his car out. Dontae had a lil Honda but the reason why was understandable.

"Ight bet."

Carlos' POV

The real reason as to why I was going to the club tonight was to meet with HLW. I needed a connect cause I was itching for some cash and I damn sure wasn't settling for a 9-5. I'd get fired on my first day!

"Hurry the hell up!" I yelled upstairs to Dani. She was taking forever and a day to bring her ass on. I was not finna stand in a long ass line for her but she WAS the driver.

"Don't rush me." I could hear her heels clacking against the floor and I was hoping that she didn't go extra with her outfit.

"Okay, lets go."

Daniella's POV

"Don't get too drunk Dani."

"I'm not. You know I don't drink like that." I glanced at Carlos and then looked back at the road. It's been over a month since I've been out and I was looking forward to having a good time.

I had on a chestnut colored suede romper and some heels to match. My hair was straight with a side part and I looked good, to say the least.

After 5 minutes of looking for somewhere to park, we were standing in the line. It wasn't too bad but if we had come any later, we would've been sitting.

"You finna turn heads tonight girl!" The bouncer complimented me as we paid and he let us through. I smiled and thanked him. To my surprise, Carlos didn't say anything or look at him wrong. When we got inside we headed straight for the bar.

"A sangria single-short, please?" The bartender smirked at me and then started to make my drink.

"Here you go." I handed her a $10 bill as she handed me my drink and turned to see that Carlos had went off. I knew he would.

"I need all of my bad bitches on the dance floor right na' make your presence known!" The DJ yelled and a bunch of ratchets ran towards the dance floor. Half of them weren't even cute. I sat at the bar and watched as they danced.

"Damn, you here alone?" Some guy walked up to me. "No, why?" I was trying to be mean but I wasn't good at it at all.

"Shit, you can come home with me if they left you.. Lemme get your number." I laughed at his weak ass game. Niggas are too much!

"No, I'm good. Enjoy your night tho." He had a look of disappointment on his face. I watched as he walked off into the thick crowd.

Kaydence's POV

"We only fuck with the VIP!" OJ yelled as we walked upstairs. His young ass probably been to the club 4 or 5 times, talkin like he been doin this.

I sat on the sofa and poured a lil ciroc in my cup and then passed the bottle to Dontae. I always fuck with the Ciroc and Henny when I go out. Always.

"Yo, I'm finna find me a bitch out here to take home! I'll catch y'all." OJ got up and left. I continued to look around, gotta watch my surroundings out hea.

"What's good KD, match the dope son." My nigga Melly walked up. We weren't close like that but every time we linked we got loaded and shit.

"You know we got to." He dapped me and Fat Ass before sitting down. I pulled the ziplock bag of weed from my pocket which was almost empty and started rolling a backwood.

"How long you gone be out here for? I got some bottles coming." This was probably the main reason why I fucked with Melly. He always showed love. If he had it, everybody had it. The nigga was on his shit so I salute.

"Ain't no telling bro." I finished rolling and sparked the blunt and he did too.

"Yo, I'm bout to see what it's looking like downstairs. I'll be back." Fat Ass left. He been acting funny and shit but I ain't have time to ask why, I really didn't give a fuck.

"What you been up to?" We passed the blunts to each other. "Man, I fucked around and got hit a few weeks ago."

"Damn. What the fuck you been doin?" I took a sip of my Ciroc before responding. "Serving some niggas. Nigga got my ass in the shoulder." I shook my head thinking about it.

"You went back and got them niggas didn't you?"

"I should've." I laughed. "I let it ride tho, shit ain't worth it. I can't let em get me for murder man, I got too much shit going on."

"Damn, this ain't the KD I know. Nigga you getting wiser and shit." He dapped me and laughed. It would be dumb of me to kill niggas, get first degree when I got a daughter to raise and 6 figures in my bank account.

20 minutes had passed and we had finished smoking. I was gonna roll another one but I wanted to wait a lil bit.

"Aye, I'm finna go see where the fuck these niggas went." I got up and dapped Melly before walking off. I was feeling good as hell. High as fuck and kinda tipsy.

"KD is that you?!" I was headed towards the bar when I heard a female's voice yell. I turned to see who it was.

"Oh shit. What's up girl? Ain't seen you ina' minute." I pulled her into a hug. It was Charity, a girl I went to high school with. Me and her never dated or anything, she was just cool as hell.

"I know! It's been a while. How's the baby?"

"She's good. Getting big fast, I ain't ready for it." She laughed. I couldn't help but think about how I wanted to kill Ayriel.

"You're gonna be keeping those lil boys off of her! She's so adorable."

"I know, I got plenty of guns for em."

"I bet." She laughed and started staring at me. I think I caught her eye cause the way she looked at me... It was like she wanted me to take her ass in the bathroom and give her the D and shit, I would've if she said somethin'

"Let's take a picture." She enjoined and then turned to a random person, handing them her phone. I placed my arm across her chest and waited for the guy to snap.

"Thank you." He handed her her phone. "Yo, I'll catch you later ma." I hugged her once more and then walked towards the bar.

I felt like I was being watched and I was getting kinda nervous. I swear getting shot had my ass shook but I would up this pistol whenever some shit popped off.

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