Between Us.

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Daniella's POV

My first day of training for becoming a sonogram nurse was terrible! I didn't see how people could tell a mother that she had lost her child. Seeing that woman cry today made me want to cry with her but now, I was on my way home and needed some rest.

Kaydence still hadn't called so I was still worried but tried to stay optimistic about the situation. Me and his mom had talked earlier today on my lunch break and she was holding up well. Dior had went off to college Monday night, she was at University of Buffalo and I was so proud of her! I also made sure to give her the Do's and Don'ts about living the college life especially since she was living on campus.

When I pulled up in my driveway OJ's car was parked. I was so sick of seeing this boy's face every damn day. I locked my doors and got out of my car. The front door was already unlocked so I just walked in.

"Hey guys." I greeted them dryly before dropping my bags in the foyer. "What's good Dani?" OJ asked. Without a response I headed upstairs so that I could shower and get ready for bed, I was exhausted.

Once I was inside of my room I stripped down to my panties and bra and went into my bathroom to set my shower water at the right temperature. I pulled my hair into a messy bun and unhooked my bra letting my boobs free. I walked over to my full length mirror and turned to the side. The weight that Kaydence had put on my behind was still there. I slid my Vickie Secret's down and walked over to the shower, stepping into the warm water.

Thoughts of Kaydence & I took over my mind, I couldn't help the moans that escaped my mouth as I imagined him in here with me. I had missed him so much and I needed him more than ever.

"You need some help?"

Kaydence's POV

"This bitch turnt, I can't lie. I'm high as fuck yo." I said to Ocho over the loud music that blasted throughout the club.

"Me too B, and it's hella bad bitches around here. Ima get me one before the end of the night." He promised before hitting the blunt that I had rolled and passing it back to me.

"Look, right there. I'm bouta bag her." He pointed to some chick and got up, walking in her direction. This was really the life that I was dying to live. Working for Marvin and getting paid was cool, but the bands that I had in my pocket right now and me feeling like the richest nigga in the building. I sat back on the leather sofa by myself in VIP and continued to smoke my blunt.

"KD, why you up here by yourself? We're about to sing happy birthday and get lit. Come on." Asia walked up the stairs and came to me. I noticed that she had changed her outfit. She had on a black laced body suit that was see through in the back and some black red bottoms.

"Why are we twinning?" She looked me up and down and asked. I had on some ashy grey Balmains and a black BAPE shirt with a pair of dark shades just in case somebody in here knew me.

"You copied me girl." I said and got up, following her downstairs.

"Maybe great minds just think alike." She grabbed ahold of my hand and pulled me over to where a big group of peopled crowded around dancing. Dej Loaf - Me, Hennessy, and You came on. It was funny because I had Henny in my cup at the moment.

"This is my shit! Come here." Asia turned around to me and pulled me away from the crowd. "Where we goin?" I chuckled. I could tell she was tipsy. Ignoring me, she pushed herself against me and started grinding on me. I grabbed ahold of her waist and looked down on her as she made shit more intense. I knew she felt a nigga dick getting hard.

When the song came to a end, she stood up straight and turned around to me. "I bet you can't do that on the dick." I teased and then walked off back to VIP. The way I was feeling, she was gon get fucked tonight. The Henny had me gone.


I was at Asia's crib and the way she turned me on at the party, I just knew I was hittin that tonight. 

"I mean, I like you but I'm still a virgin. I don't know if I'm ready." I laid across her bed watching her as she changed into some shorts and a sports bra. She was so open to showing her body to me and it was hard to believe that she was a virgin.

"Damn. . . Let me get some top then."

"I'm not sucking your dick KD!" She said loudly and walked over to her vanity to put her hair up. "So I came here for nothing?" I was getting annoyed now.

"You gotta be my nigga for me to do that typa shit with you."

"Well, I'm your nigga for the night then. Now come here, this dick ain't gon suck itself." I undid my belt as she walked over to me with a straight face. "Don't look like that." I told her and pulled my Balmain's down. I pulled my stiff dick through the hole in my Calvin Klien's. He was ready for some action.

She took me into her mouth and I swear this shit felt like the best head ever but I knew that was only because I ain't have none in a while. Dani damn sure wasn't gon do it, I tried with her.

"Damn." I gripped the back of her head and pushed it down on me causing her to gag. She was looking up at me the entire time. She sped her pace up. I bit down on my bottom lip, refusing to let any groans escape my mouth.

Shortly after, this bitch went down and sucked a nigga's balls sending chills all over my body. "Fuck!" She was obviously a pro, I knew damn well she wasn't a virgin sucking dick like this. I felt myself about to buss after a good 20 minutes. She opened her mouth wide and moaned as I released in her mouth. She even swallowed it.

I got up while pulling my pants up and went into the bathroom to pull myself together. She was really crazy with that mouthpiece, I couldn't lie. She was a pro.

"Girl, on my child I ain't never nut so fast." I told her when she walked in on me to gargle some mouthwash.

"I bet. You taste good though." She smirked at me. "And please, let this stay between us."

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