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Kaydence's POV

They had us out on the yard for the last time today and as always, I was getting some exercise in. I had my first meal since being here after getting lightheaded but the shit was pure trash, I'm talking bout disgusting but I knew I had to eat something. I stood up from the ground after doing 200 push-ups and looked around at my surroundings.

Peedy told me that he'd go look for the niggas that he knew from Baltimore since he knew at least one of them shared the same wing as us. I saw them walking up from a distance.

"KD? Nigga, is that you? How the fuck you end up in here B?" It was my fam, Lamar. I hadn't seen him in years. Me and him had a lil falling out over Ayriel in fact, that was the reason why I hated her so much.

Her and her hoeing ass bestfriend Jessica ended up having a threesome with him behind my back. Lamar knew that this was my bitch but still fucked her anyway, it wasn't his fault though. Turning down pussy is like a bird turning down bread, I didn't blame him but Ayriel, I cut her ass off as soon as she told me the news.. And she just so happened to pop up pregnant months later.

I know what you're thinking, Is Karcyn even his? I had my doubts about that, went and got a DNA test, she was mine. I would've been hurt if she wasn't but she was and now I had to pray that this next kid WASNT mine.

"Mannn, fucked around and caught a body. Never knew I would end up in here but ay, shit happens I guess. First sentence is life man." I kept it brief and dapped him, pulling him into a manly hug. This was my nigga, my cousin. Peedy stood back and let us have our moment.

"What?! Life? That's tough. I got four more years and I'm outta here. What the streets looking like though, fam?"

"Finna go into a drought now that I'm gone, probably." I said honestly. The streets needed me. I was a big supplier for a lot of pot and dope heads out there and the money spoke for me.

"Hell yeah, I know but damn yo, we really got a lot to catch up on."

"We do, we do but how you and Peedy know each other?" I asked, we all started walking the cement path that they had out in the yard for us. They had a lot of distractions, niggas had jobs and shit, a lot programs for us to attend too but I wasn't getting into none of that unless I felt the need to. I was just tryna get home.

"We met in here a few months ago, y'all must be cell mates?" Lamar questioned. "Yeah, nigga cool as hell." Peedy nodded arrogantly and chuckled.


It was 7pm, which meant it was time for lockup. Me and the rest of the inmates in my wing walked towards our cells in a single file line. The guard did a headcount of us all before letting us into our cells. This shit was getting old already.

I had my next court date in 3 days and if everything ran smoothly with my lawyer and getting an appeal, I probably would be out of here but only time could tell.

Daniella's POV

"Dani, is that you?" I heard someone's voice coming from far away. "Who are you?" I asked confused. I placed my key in between my index and middle finger, I would use this as a shank if this was some psycho.

"It's Wes, baby." I rolled my eyes and turned to get back in my car. "What the hell are you doing around here?" I asked with my attitude on 1000.

"I was looking for you, I figured you'd be here." He etched towards me with his dad behind him, they were up to something. "You're lying Wesley, what the fuck are you doing in his yard?"

"You defending his name now Dani? You love him?"

"Just tell me what you're doing in his yard? What's here for you?" I knew Wesley like the back of my hand, I knew when he was lying and when he was telling the truth. Right now he was lying.

"I was about to kill him Daniella, that's what." He said sternly and smirked. "I still am."

"You can't be serious," I laughed dryly and started to walk pass him. "You'll never get a chance to kill him, I'm sure you wish you could. Don't be mad because he treats and fucks me better than you ever could, your loss." I shot, sure to hit him where it hurted. "Oh and nice seeing you Mr. Richard."

He had to see Kaydence as a threat to want to kill him but my question was how did he know where he laid his head?

"That's only temporary Dani, you'll see."

"Whatever." I headed towards his front door and unlocked it with the extra key that he had given me. I turned the foyer light on and made my way into his room, replaying what he had said in my mind.

I went into his closet and looked high and low, there wasn't a damn safe in here. "What the hell Kaydence?" I said aloud as if he could hear me. I walked further in and there it was, planted in the wall behind his many designer shirts. I pushed them away and punched the combination in, pulling the door open.

I pulled the rubber banned rolls of money out of the safe and counted them out, there were exactly 14 of them. How he made all of this was really a mystery to me, there had to be more than just selling weed and crack on the corner that got him this much cash. I stuffed the money in my Gucci tote and headed out of the closet.

After making sure everything was like I thought he would've left it, I left and was sure to set his alarm in case Wesley tried some funny shit. I knew things were probably about to stir out of control after what I had told him a few moments ago but I'd just have to see.

Carlos' POV

I was pulling out of our driveway and heading to Marvin so I could give him his cut and then re-up. I was making crazy bread and this shit was the life that I dreamed of. After a while I wouldn't have to be borrowing Mom's car to get around and make serves, I had big plans.

After stopping by the trap I decided to swing by my sister's and see how she was holding up since Kaydence got jammed and she wasn't even home. I knew she was sad n shit because she called me crying one night and I felt so bad for her but that's what comes with a street nigga.

Remembering that my mom wanted me to stop by the grocery store and pick a few things up, I headed in the direction of Walmart. It took me a few minutes to find a place to park when I got there.

After getting all the things that I remembered her saying I went to check out. In front of me stood a girl, I knew she was pretty as hell just by looking at her from the back. She was about 5'3" and had a nice lil shape, her onion shaped booty was what really caught my attention.

Making my presence known by placing my few items on the conveyor belt, she turned around and glanced at me and like I said, she was fine. Bad as fuck but I wouldn't say anything to her, that just wasn't me. Hopefully I'd see her again and the way Baltimore was set up, I probably would.

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