Remember Me

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2 Days Later

"Feeling okay?" My nurse asked me. "Yeah, when can I leave?" I was getting annoyed with this shit and wanted to be in my own bed.

"A few more hours.. We're waiting for one more test result to come back and the investigators have to speak with you, being that it was assault with a deadly weapon." I sighed but I was enjoying watching her pretty ass talk, not to be thirsty or anything.

"I can pull the IV out of your arm right now if you want."

"Aight." I watched her as she pulled it out, she was sexy as fuck and her occupation looked good as hell on her. When she finished, I grabbed the Louie bag with clothes in it that my mama brought up here and walked into the bathroom to change clothes.

After I got dressed, I came out and sat back in the bed on my phone, she was still here and from then I knew I could get her. "So, how'd you get shot?"

"Long story. I don't wanna talk about it."

"Did your wife come to see you?" She was being nosey and shit but I knew it wasn't for no reason.

"I don't have one."

"Why?" She looked at me like it was a surprise that I didn't have a wife. Because I don't fuck with hoes heavy like that I thought.

"I don't know. I just don't." She sat beside me.

"What do you do for a living?" She was asking a million and one questions, clearly tryna get to know a nigga.

"Forget that. Where's your husband?" She laughed but I wasn't joking. "I don't have one."

"What? You're too fine not to be married." She started blushing. Now I was finna go with my move.

I started rubbing on her thighs as she laid back with her eyes closed. I made my way into her scrubs. She let out a moan as I stuck two of my fingers inside of her tight wet walls. She was easy as fuck.

"I can't do this. I could lose my job and my license." She stood up, I got up also and locked the room door quickly.

"What these people don't know won't hurt them. You already let a nigga see how wet it was so let me get it." I said and laid her back on the bed. "I can tell you want this dick by how you reacted to me sticking my fingers in that pussy."

She closed her eyes as I took her scrubs off and pushed my log inside of her roughly. Yeah, it was raw but remember, my pull out game is strong.

"Ah, fuck!" She was running from the dick, pushing at my torso. "Girl, shut the fuck up before you lose your job foreal." I said and put my hand over her mouth. I didn't want to be rough with her but shit, she was asking for it.

I fucked her for a good 45 minutes before my nut built up and I pulled out at the last minute. I came once and she came like three times. She did have some good pussy tho, I give her that but she just couldn't take dick. Whoever was hittin' that wasn't hittin' it right.

I walked into the bathroom to pull myself together and when I came out she was laying on the bed still trying to catch her breath.

"You gonna remember me, right?"

"Most definitely." She got herself together and walked out of the room, I peeped that she was walkin a lil funny too.

This was the best thing that ever happened to me at a hospital.


After about an hour she came back into the room with a clip board and some papers for me to sign. She left her number on one of them and that's how I knew I put in work. Bitches loved KD and the D stood for Dick. The investigators came earlier as well but those niggas ain't get no statement off me though. Hell nah.


"You ready?" My mama was here to pick me up.

"I'm more then ready, let's go!" I said and walked out the door after grabbing my LV bag. It felt like I was here for years and it felt good to be out and ya boy was about to touch 2.5 million for no damn reason.

"Where do you wanna go, my house or yours?"

"Take me to Dontae's. He has my car." 15 minutes later, we were pulling into the driveway.

"See you later. I love you and be safe!" She yelled to me as I got out. "I love you too."

I knocked on the door and Dontae opened it. "Wassup bro, you good?"

"Yeah man, guess what the fuck I just did?" I dapped him up and stepped inside.


"I fucked that bad ass nurse, I know you seen her!" His mouth dropped.

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