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Dontae's POV

"Yes!" I threw my hands up in the air at what Ayriel had just told me. "You're a fucking genius! But I'll fill you in on whatever news I get later." We said our goodbyes and she hung up.

I was more than happy right now. As soon as Ayriel has proof that she's pregnant, that'll run Daniella off and then, so she can get revenge, she might just let me take her out on a date. Hell, she probably doesn't even know that he has 1 kid. I pulled into the parking lot of my apartment building and sat for a few minutes.

My phone began ringing and Marvin's name flashed across the top of the screen.


"Try to get in touch with KD, I got some shit for y'all to do"


"I need y'all to go check this dude out who's tryna get a connection"

"I'll do it. Where I gotta go?"

"He should be on his way to Vernon. His name is Carlos, he's about OJ's height, Hispanic."

"Aight cool, I got it." I hung up and headed back out. KD always did this type of work but now it was my turn. I made my way to Vernon and then called Marvin back.

"I'm out here, what now?" He told me what to do once I met with him after giving me his number. I called him.

"Who is this?"

"Dontae, Marvin wanted me to check you out."

"Oh yeah yeah, where you at slim?"

"I'm right here off Vernon and West Franklin."

"Copy. I'm coming up that way now."

"Bet." I hung up and seconds later, a Lexus pulled up. He got out of the passenger side and walked towards my car. I unlocked the door and he got in. The Lexus pulled off.

"What's up good bro? I'm Carlos." He dapped me and then waited for me to start.

"How old are you?"

"I'm 18." He didn't have a BMore accent so I knew he wasn't from here. "Where you from?"

"I'm from Texas, my family moved out here about 4 years ago." I nodded. "And how much money you lookin to make?"

"At least $500 a week man" He rubbed his hands together.

"Ever been to jail?"

"Hell nah, I never get caught up in shit"

"Alright, so this is how this shit goes.." I explained everything to him and he seemed to get everything. "Got any questions for me?"

"Nah, I'm good."

"Ight cool, need me to take you anywhere?"

"Nah, I'm good right here. Thanks bro." I dapped him and he got out. I pulled off and called Marvin back.

Kaydence's POV

I was so mad and I felt so fucking dumb. The shit brought tears to my eyes just thinking about it. How often do you hear about a nigga getting raped by his baby mama? Never.

"FUCK!" I ran my hands over my face and looked up at the ceiling. I couldn't believe this bitch drugged me just to get some dick. I grabbed my phone and keys and walked out the front door.

I put the key in the ignition of my Audi and backed out. I prayed silently as I made my way to Ayriel's house. I didn't know what would go down once I got there but I needed answers.

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