No Clue

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Daniella's POV

"What the fuck are you doing in my bathroom?" I turned with my back towards OJ. "Shit, I heard you moaning and came to see what was up."

"Look, I'm fine. Get out!" I yelled and watched as he walked out of the bathroom. This fool was sick. Carlos most definitely was going home.

I finished washing my body and stepped out of the shower, grabbing a towel and going into my room. "Just let me eat your pussy." OJ was sitting on my bed. I was scared. I headed back towards my bathroom.

"Please get the fuck out of my room!" He got up and followed me.

"Why? You know you want it." He grabbed my wrists and spinner me around, making my towel drop exposing my body. He pushed me into the bathroom with all of his strength, my back hit the counter.

"I just wanna taste that pussy and see what it feels like and you gon' let me." I shook my head no and just as I was about to say something he placed his hand over my mouth.

"Don't say shit or I'll drown yo ass in this toilet." Tears began streaming down my face as he placed me on the counter and spreaded my legs.

"Please don't do this." I begged and watched him as he came face to face with my area.

"You don't want any head? You just wanna fuck? That's cool too." He stood up and began placing kisses on my neck.

"Just shut the fuck up and let me handle my business. What you crying for?" He wiped my tears away and slid his pants down.

"Do you really think this is worth it OJ?"

"OJ gon get what he want, period." He rubbed his hand across my clit. "God Damn." I watched him as he slid his boxers down. A knock on the door stopped him. THANK GOD!

I grabbed my towel off of the floor, wrapping it around me and went to open the door. It was Carlos.

"Where the fuck is OJ?"

"U- Um"

"I'm right here. What's up?" He came up beside me, smirking at Carlos. "You fucking him too now Dani? What about Kaydence?"

"No, Carlos! He tr-"

"Bitch, shut the fuck up!" OJs hand came across my face and I fell to the floor. He had knocked me unconscious.

Dior's POV

I was sight seeing in New York with my new friend Paige. She was cool as hell and pretty! I was so excited to be attending Buffalo, it was literally a dream come true for me.

"I really don't wanna take a cab, want my brother to take us?" I shrugged as we walked into the corner store. It was late at night so the city lights looked so beautiful. I was loving this place already.

"He might try to talk to you bu-"

"I'm gay Paige, I don't do niggas." I reminded her and laughed while trying to find something to snack on.

"Oh yeah, well I'm about to call him right now." She pulled her phone from her purse. I settled for some Chex Mix and a Twister juice and paid for it at the front counter.

"You ladies take care, aight?" The cashier was quite friendly. It seemed like everyone up here was nicer.

"He's on the way, we'll just sit out here until he pulls up." I nodded and we sat down on the sidewalk.

"Watch the fuck out, he's got a gun!" A white girl ran from behind the store, panicking. Me and Paige ran back towards the entrance of the store.


Kaydence's POV

"Yo, roll with me to take my sister and her friend back to Buffalo since we already on this side." Ocho said. We were in West Seneca meeting with a few of the others.

"Bet." I followed him out of the restaurant and to his car.

"So, who you got back home?" Ocho asked, trying to make conversation. "Moms, my lil sister, and my daughter."


"And my girl.. I miss em like crazy B."

"What you did for Michael to have to sneak you out of jail?" This nigga was being nosey now but I was still gon let him know.

"Murder. I already know what you thinking but shit..."

"Murder? Nigga what the fuck? I'm scared of you." He joked.

"Nah, it ain't even like that. That nigga tried me on some fuck shit." I said. I didn't regret killing Marcus a lil bit, that nigga had me all types of fucked up and he was gon rot in hell, right along with Dontae.

"Word. I feel yo-" His phone vibrated and he picked it up. "It's my sister."

"I'm on the way Pai- Who got shot?!" He started speeding through the streets. My heart rate sped up cause I knew some shit had went down and we were on the way to see what it was.

"I'm on the way. Calm down! What hospital?"

"I'm on the way right now!" He hung up and swerved through traffic to get to wherever we were going.

"Everything straight bro?"

"Her friend got shot. They don't know if she's gonna make it."

"Damn." I paid attention to all of the cars around us tryna be his second set of eyes cause this nigga could drive worth a damn.

"I hope the lil girl don't die, foreal."


Me and Carlos were going blow for blow. This nigga could fight but I could too. All I was tryna do was get some pussy and that lil bitch tried to run her fucking mouth so I smacked her in it.

He struck me on good time in the nose and I fell to the floor, hitting my head as I landed. I watched him as he pulled a gun from his pocket.

I took my last breath right here.

  The end!

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