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Ayriel's POV

I was sooo happy! Karcyn was gonna have a little brother or sister. I called my mom after texting Kaydence. He hadn't responded yet but I'm sure he would.

"Mom, guess what?"


"I'm pregnant!" I squealed into the phone, "I went to the doctor today and I'm almost two months pregnant."

"Are you serious? By who?" She didn't sound too excited.

"Kaydence, mama! Who else?" I was lying. I was hoping that I was pregnant with his baby but the doctor said that I was two months pregnant sooo it was Wesley's kid, I wasn't telling him that though.

"Good, I'm happy for you but don't be around here having babies with that boy when he treats you like he don't want ya." She had always told me to leave him alone because he wasn't the one for me and that we'd never work, even before I had Karcyn but I never listened to her. I had hope that me and him would work, no matter what anyone had to say.

Between me and Kaydence this was probably the only thing that could get us back on track so what she was saying was irrelevant.

"I'm not mama, it takes two to have sex. . Doesn't it?"

"Alright now Ayriel, get off of this phone talking about sex! Me and Karcyn love ya." She hung up. She had Karcyn for the weekend.

I sat my phone down and walked towards my bathroom. I stood in front of the mirror looking at myself. I was pretty and all but it seemed as if I wasn't enough for Kaydence. I've done some really dirty shit behind his back but he only knows of one incident. . . Well two now and that's probably why we don't click like we used to.

About a year ago when me and Kaydence were "talking," my bestfriend, Jessie and I were at a party and Kaydence's cousin, Lamar just so happened to be there. Lamar and Jessie dated back in high school but she said they'd never did anything. When we saw him he was drunk and high, he didn't even recognize me and he was kind of begging us for sex, he said he'd pay us.


"Jessica? Is that you?" We both turned around to see Lamar leaning against the wall. Jessie ran to give him a hug and I stood watching, waiting for her.

"What you been up to ma?" He asked before whispering something in her ear and about a minute later she turned to look at me, she motioned for me to come here and I came.

"What's up?" I asked, loud enough for her to hear me over the music. "Ayri, I know this sounds crazy but. . . do you wanna have a threesome?" I looked at her like she was crazy. "No, you know I can't do that." Kaydence wouldn't let me have a threesome unless it was with him so going behind his back and having one with his COUSIN was sick!

"Man, come on Ayri, please. . We don't have to tell anyone. This could be our little secret." She smirked. I always portrayed Jessie for being a good girl and couldn't believe she wanted to have a threesome.

"Alright Jessie, this better not ever leave your mouth!" I said in between gritted teeth. I knew this was Kaydence's cousin but I felt like as long as he didn't know that I wasn't KD's girl everything would be cool. I was wrong.

The three of us drove to Jessie's apartment in silence. "So, who I'm sticking first?" This drunk ass nigga asked from the backseat. "Jessie." I answered quickly.

Lamar wasn't ugly at all. He was caramel toned and had to be at least 6"0. He had deep waves in his head and a clean shaved face. He was built and cut, it seemed like he stayed in the gym.

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