Ate Alive/Done Deal

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Kaydence's POV

I watched Dontae struggle to talk, it all sounded like gibberish to me. His white shirt was now covered in blood, I felt kinda bad but the shit had to get done.

"What was your reasoni- Ah, fuck I forgot you can't talk." I chuckled and walked into the kitchen where I had a pot of water and acid boiling for a little over twenty minutes now. I took the pot by the handle and walked back to the living room.

"What is that?" Is what I think he was saying.

"Shut the fuck up befo' I cut your fucking tongue out nigga!" I yelled and sat the pot on the floor. I wanted him to die slowly.

I was thinking of innovative ways to kill this nigga. I could shoot him or make him drink acid but I wanted this shit to be ingenious. I stood watching him as I dialed Vato's number.

"Everything good?"

"Yeah, bring the dogs." I hung up and grabbed the pot. I walked behind him and placed the pot below his hands. I ain't know how his skin was gon react but I wanted to see.

"AAHHH!" He yelled out in pain. This shit looked like it hurted. It was eating through his skin rapidly and he couldn't do shit about it.

"Shut the fuck up nigga!" I sat the pot down and walked around so that we were facing each other.

"How you want me to tell your mama you're dead?" He tried spitting in my face. This nigga had some balls but only because he knew he was gonna die. I let it slide.

"Damn, that blood ain't stop leaking yet. You need something to clean yourself up with?"

"Fuck you!" My fist landed across his face. I heard the dogs barking outside. I walked towards the door and opened it. The four pits came running in.

"Sit!" They all did as I said and looked up at me.

"Are you boys hungry?" I looked over at Dontae and he was crying, telling me not to do this. "Too late to cry and shit! Shoulda thought about that before you crossed me." I laughed.

"Go eat boys!" I pointed to Dontae and watched as they ran towards him. I walked out, letting them eat in peace.

I had to clean myself up so I could go see Karcyn and swing by Daniella's.

Dior's POV

My mama, Karcyn and I were all sitting in the living room watching cartoons. She was actually starting to watch tv now. It was so unbelievable that my niece was about to be 1 in two months.

Me and my mom had discussed the whole thing about me being gay and she was finally over it, thanks to my Nana. BriAsia was coming over for dinner tonight.

"I think that's your brother." We heard a car door slam and I got up to look out the window. It was him. I opened the door for him and went back to my spot on the couch before he could get it.

"Yo yo yo!" He walked into the living room and Karcyn's eyes shot up at him as she began bouncing up and down. He picked her up and started kissing all over her face. "I missed you and it looks like you missed Daddy too."

"Hey mama." He said to our mother and hit my arm before walking off with Karcyn, I guess that was his way of greeting me. 

Kaydence's POV

I was missing my baby so much and my heart felt like a pound was lifted off of it now that I had her.

"Let the chain go Karcyn." She was always pulling at my jewelry and shit. She started speaking baby talk and I went back and forth with her as if I could understand what she was saying.

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