The Move

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Ayriel's POV

"Bitch, your little pudge! So cute!" Jessie squealed as she walked in and rubbed her hands across my stomach.

"Not even! You can't even tell yet." I laughed and went to the back to get Karcyn. She was walking now and was starting to try to talk. She was starting to look more and more like her daddy.

"Come on Karcyn." I held my hand out and watched as she got up off of the floor and walked over to me, smiling. She grabbed my index finger and trailed behind me as I made my way back into the living room.

"Hey Karcyn!" Karcyn ran to Jes and she picked her up. "So what's up with Kaydence?" She asked randomly.

"I don't know. He sent me a letter the other day, he only talked about Karcyn though." I shrugged it off and sat next to her on my white couch.

"Really? What about you being pregnant? Does he know?" I nodded my head and placed my hand on my stomach. "Sooooo like what are y'all gonna do?"

"Jes, Kaydence is in jail for murdering my cousin! What do you mean what're we gonna do?" I asked, getting frustrated, she remained silent.

I was still pissed about him killing my cousin but I understood why he did it. It wasn't right but if someone would've kidnapped my mom, I would've did the same thing. "Well, did you write him back?"

"No, I'm not going to.. We're fine, we don't need him." I said in all honesty. After talking to my family about everything that went on I knew that I didn't have another chance with him. I knew he didn't care about me anymore but only dealt with me for the sake of Karcyn and to be completely honest, I was starting to regret drugging him.

"If you say so.." She said as if she didn't believe what I had said. She was so used to me running behind him.

"I'm serious Jes, I'll prove it." She nodded and looked down at Karcyn who had all of her attention on the tv. Love and Hip Hop was on and she was actually watching it like she could understand what was going on.

"So what about Wes? Is he still around?"

"No. It's just me now. No men." She looked at me in shock. "He must've married his nurse hoe" She guessed.

"I'm not sure." I laughed. I knew he hadn't married her but I didn't need Jes in business anymore, I couldn't tell her that Kaydence was fucking the girl now.

"Mm, well I have news! I want you to meet someone!"


"My new man! You'll like him." She said, excitedly. "I doubt it." I rolled my eyes and directed my attention towards the tv. I never liked any guy she dated since the Lamar thing.

"Seriously Ayri, you gotta get over that shit. It's old now." Her voice got soft and I could feel her burning a hole in my face.

"I am over it. I still feel like a hoe though. I crossed hella lines by sleeping with my baby dad's cousin."

"You aren't a hoe Ayri!"

"Easy for you to say." I laughed dryly. "Let's not talk about that though. When am I meeting him?"

"Now." In the same second there was a knock at the door.


"Wanna roll with me to see KD?" Marvin asked as soon as I walked in the trap to give him his cut. "Where?"

"New York, 3 hours away."

"Damn, I wish I could but I gotta handle some shit with my girl." I lied and placed the duffle on the table. I had worked shit out and sold his 20 ki's but that was weeks ago, thanks to Lena.

"That's cool but I got a question?" I stopped in my tracks and turned around to him to see what he had to ask me. "What's good?"

"You think KD would drop everything and move to NY?"

"To be honest with you Marvin, I don't know what the fuck that nigga would do." I shot at him before walking out. I was getting tired of him talking about and bragging on KD.

I got in my car and headed in the direction of where Carlos told me to meet him at. Me and him were cool and had just starting making moves and shit together. When I pulled up to the house I called his phone.

"Man, I don't even think i'm at the right house.. You don't drive a Benz." I said into the phone.

"Nigga you at the right house, come in." He laughed and hung up. I knew this nigga ain't save up and get a Benz. I got out and knocked on the door.

"What's up witcha?" Los welcomed me in. The house was well put together and I just didn't think it was his.

A large chandelier hung from the ceiling in the foyer and the dark brown marble floors in it made it look good.

"Who crib this is, foreal?" I asked, amazed by what I was seeing. "My sister's nigga, damn." I followed him into the living room where the floors were made of creme colored carpeting and a large 70" tv hung from the wall.

"This shit nice as hell." I said and sat down a few spots down from him on the leather couch. I didn't even know this nigga had a sister.

He pulled a blunt from behind his ear and sparked it. "Y'all must be rich or some shit." I added, remembering the Benz that was parked out front.

"Rich? Nigga if I was rich I wouldn't be selling dope but she isn't either, far from broke but she ain't rich." He informed me. "She's a nurse, they make good money."

"Damn." I started to wonder what she looked like, I bet she was fine as fuck.

"She single?" I asked jokingly. "Sh-"

"Carlos, who the fuck is that?" We both turned to see her standing in the middle of the staircase in a oversized tshirt. She was more than fine as fuck. "It's just the homie Dani, chill." She rolled her eyes and went back upstairs.

"Damn, that's her? She bad as fuck bro. Put me on." I was serious as hell. "Man, I can't help you with that. I ain't no matchmaker B." He passed the blunt to me.

"I'll get on that myself then." I laughed and he looked at me with a straight face. "Chill bro."

Kaydence's POV

"How you holding up in here?" Marvin sat at the long table across from me. "Ay, can we get a minute?" The officer that was watching nodded and walked out of the room.

"I came here, 3 hours away from home to ask you a question..."

"What?" These niggas was up to something. Had me signing contracts and all that extra shit.

"You ever thought about moving up here?"

"Hell nah, nigga. I'm tryna go across the country." New York wasn't the place for me, if I was starting fresh it was gon be in California or Texas or some shit.

"So how you plan on being in charge of the little niggas in Baltimore if I'm in charge?" I looked at him with a confused look plastered on my face.

"Hold on.. You telling m-"

"If you move here, you'll be in charge of your own dealers until you get big.. I know you want more than 2 million out of this shit."

"Man, what's the gimmick? Ain't no way I can just up and move here and then magically become a plug."

"There is a small gimmick but you like a fuckin' son to me so Ima make sure you straight. Just like I'm getting you out of here, Ima get you in your own trap. Remember when y'all hit that lick on MPR and I said I was gonna put you in a higher position? I'm a man of my word."

"Respect but what is it?"

"It'll be me, you, and Michael and you can't let anyone know that you're home."

"Who the fuck is Michael and why can't I tell my peoples?" I asked. "Michael is the warden."

"Why can't I tell my people?" It was more to this shit if I couldn't tell anyone that I wasn't locked up, that was bullshit.

"That'll fuck us up. He's sneaking you out of here nigga, remember?"

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