Trust Me

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1 month later

Dani's POV

"Kaydence, get up! Someone's knocking." I nudged Kaydence, trying to wake his heavy sleeping ass up.


"Just go answer it Dani, tell em I'm sleep." I sighed and got up to put some PJs on that I left at his house.

For the past month things have been running smoothly with us. We've been going out to dinner, going to malls, and fucking like crazy, the things that regular couples do. I slid my tank over my head and headed downstairs. Whoever it was had stopped knocking, they must've heard me coming. I opened the door and a young girl was standing with her arms crossed. She was light skinned with her hair cut into a bob, she was cute.

"Is Kaydence here?"

"He's sleeping, let me go wake him up. Come in." I didn't wanna come off rude because I didn't know who she was but I would find out in just a few minutes. I walked back upstairs and into the room.

"Kaydence! A girl is down there for you." I smacked his face lightly. "You ain't tell her I was sleep, who is it?" He sat up in the bed, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.

"I did tell her and I don't know who she is." I crossed my arms, waiting for him to look at me. He glimpsed at me, got out of bed and was getting ready to walk out of the room. "Put a shirt on." He smacked his teeth and walked over to the dresser, grabbing a white tee and sliding it on. I followed him downstairs, I wanted to know who she was.

"Mama told me to come and apologize so.. I'm sorry." She was his sister. He hardly ever spoke of her but when he did it was always brief. I wondered what she was apologizing for.

"It's all good, you hurt a nigga feelings a lil bit though." They both laughed. Kaydence looked back at me and motioned for me to come to him, he pulled me into his arms. "Dior, this is my girl, Daniella." I smiled at her and she smiled back. She was even cuter now that I knew she was his sister.

"You're pretty," She shook my hand and then looked back up at him, "she looks better than Ayriel, good job bro." She held her hand up for a high five but he dismissed her and laughed.

Ayriel. That must've been his babymama, that's the same name that was on the hotel receipt in Wesley's pants pocket. I knew it.

"Anyway, I'm gonna let you guys go back to sleep even though it's almost 12 in the afternoon. It was nice meeting you." She shook my hand once more before walking out.

"How come you never let me meet her? She's so cute." I held him around his waist, looking up at him.

"I was going to, eventually." I loosened my grip and went back upstairs behind him.

"What we doin' today? It's your last day off." He asked before walking into his closet.

"Ayriel, that's your babymama I'm guessing.."

"Yeah Dani, that's her."

"So, why wouldn't you tell me her name?"

"I didn't think it was important." There had to be a reason why he wouldn't tell me. I'm not dumb but I was gonna leave it alone for right now.

"So what're we doing?" He came out with a Nike tee and threw it on the bed next to me.

"I kinda just wanna chill today." I watched him walked into the bathroom and then turn water on. "Word, we can do that." I joined him in there and grabbed the toothbrush that I left over here. We watched each other brush our teeth and as always, he couldn't stop laughing to save his life, this happened every morning whenever I spent the night.

I finished and wiped my mouth on the white hand towelette that was hanging on the rack next to the door. "How is that still funny to you? You have problems." I chuckled before walking out.

His phone vibrated, showing that someone had texted him. My eyes just so happened to land on it, the message was from a random number and it read:

It's official! We're gonna have a baby!

"Kaydence what the fuck is this?" I grabbed the phone off of the charger and went back into the bathroom. "What's what?"

Kaydence's POV

"What's what?" I turned to Dani to see her holding my phone. I looked down at it to see a message about a baby. I knew it was Ayriel.

"I- wait, Daniella let me explain!" She was getting ready to walk out of the bathroom but I grabbed her arm before she had a chance.

"Who the fuck is she?" Her eyes got watery. "Baby, just listen to me. . ." A single tear fell down her cheek.

"I know what it looks like but that's Ayriel, she drugged me last month and raped me Dani, I didn't know how to tell you."

"You're a fucking liar!" She yanked away from me and went to her side of the bed to grab her phone and keys. I walked into the room and stood in front of the door.

"I swear to God, Dani. On my daughter, that bitch raped me."

"Move Kaydence." I pulled her into a hug but I knew she would try to fight me off. "So you don't believe me?"

"Get off of me!" She started hitting me in my chest until I grabbed ahold of her hands. "You gotta believe me man. . . How can I prove this shit? I gotta show you the mark on my leg where she stuck the needle?!"

I let go and she stepped back, crossing her arms, "Show me." I quickly dropped my basketball shorts and pointed to the small mark that the needle left in my thigh.

"I wouldn't lie to you bout no shit like that Dani, you gotta start trusting me. I'm not like that last nigga." I pulled my shorts back up.

"Why would she do that? She's pregnant Kaydence, I don't know if I ca-"

"Ima get that shit handled Dani, I got this. Just trust me, please." I pulled her to me and kissed her forehead. What the fuck was I gonna do?

"You better." Her voice was hoarse now from her crying and screaming and shit. "I got you, now give daddy a kiss."

"Uh no." She rolled her eyes and walked away. "Bet." I opened the room door and walked out, pretending to be mad.

I walked downstairs and turned into the kitchen. What the fuck am I gon do with another baby by that crazy ass bitch? I'm against abortions but damn.

Okay, I skipped a month! So sorry for the ones who didn't want me to, I just didn't wanna have Kaydence going through all of that crazy stuff in a matter of 2 weeks! I got y'all though and I know y'all are wondering who Richard is, y'all are going to see!!! Baltimore isn't that big, every knows everybody. Vote!

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