Alot To Handle

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Kaydence's POV

I was making my way down the hall so that I could flush the condom. I could hear Dani's lil feet hitting the floor behind me. God had really blessed her between her thighs but I really felt like she had a nigga and I would find out in due time, the truth always reveals itself.

I turned into the bathroom and flicked the light switch, throwing the condom in the toilet and flushing it. She placed her hand on my forearm, softly.

"Don't make me sit yo ass up here on this sink and fuck you some more" I pointed to it and then looked down at her. Her pussy was so damn good and I could fuck her all night if she allowed me to. I never get tired.

Without saying anything she turned and walked out of the bathroom. I followed her back into the kitchen and watched grabbed her clothes off the floor. I wanted the panties. I knew she wasn't gonna put em back on anyway.

"Let me get those." I smirked and without any hesitation, she threw em at me. I brung em up to my nose inhaling her scent and she shook her head.

"Oh and your little friend, the big black guy, he was up at the hospital today for some odd reason. He sure did creep me the hell out." I furrowed my eyebrows, confused. I knew damn well that this nigga wasn't watching Daniella but I brushed it off and watched her as she got dressed.

"Let me get going though, gotta take things slow.." She really took offense to what I said to her the other day. I grabbed her by her waist, putting her back against the counter and then I hovered over her.

"I wanna take it slow because you ain't ready for me yet. I'm a lot to handle. You're older than me but baby, I promise you I can make you fall in love." I looked deep in her eyes and I could just tell that she ain't never fuck with a real nigga, it was very very obvious. "I will drive you crazy." I added.

"And vice versa, I can make you fall in love too Kaydence." She placed her index finger on my chest. "Trust. And. Believe." I felt my dick rising. She was sexy as fuck.

I stood up straight and let her walk off, shaking my head. She said she could make me fall in love so shit, I wanted to see. I wanted to see more and hear less.

Daniella's POV

Kaydence watched from the door as I walked to my Benz. He tried to say I wasn't ready for him as if he was ready for me. I left his ass speechless and barely even touched him.

I was pulling out of his driveway and heading home. Wesley was supposed to be going on a business trip so I wasn't expecting to come home to him. I was starting to believe that there was more than just business being taken care of but I'd get to the bottom of it.

It seemed as if I was floating home because the roads were damn near clear and I was feeling good.

When I pulled into my driveway Wesley's car wasn't there. Thank god. I walked inside and headed straight upstairs. I needed to freshen up.

I stripped down and started to run the shower, setting the water at the right temperature. I stepped in after grabbing a wash rag. As I began washing my body I started to think about Kaydence. He really knew how to make me feel good.

Wesley wasn't packing like he was and that made all the difference. The only thing that Wesley was good for in bed was leaving me unsatisfied and he was the complete opposite of Kaydence.

I stepped out of the shower and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around myself. My inner thighs were sore and I smiled as I thought about why.

I grabbed a pair of panties and slid them on before hopping in my bed. I was gonna sleep great, thanks to Kaydence.

Dior's POV

"Baby?" I had spent the night with my girlfriend and she obviously forgot that we had school today because she was in a deep sleep.

"What babe?" She whined as I shook her, trying to get her to get up. "Get up! We're late." I watched as she struggled to open her eyes.

I was really in love with a girl! Never in a million year would I have thought about being gay but look at me, I'm gay.

I started my shower and then stripped down, hopping in. I washed my entire body and then got out, grabbing a towel before walking back into the room.

"I cannot wait to graduate!" She whined as she walked into the bathroom. "Few more weeks and we out." I said and began putting my clothes on.

After me and Briasia finished getting ready, we headed to school.


"Yes Bri?" I glanced at her and then back at the road.

"I think it's about time I meet your parents." I wish she would have just said 'parent' because my dad had died years ago and I always got emotional by just thinking about it.

"When?" I asked thinking about how good of a job I was doing holding back tears.

"Sometime this week."

My mom didn't know that I was gay but it was about time I told her. I would let Kaydence and my mom both meet her at the same time so I had a lot of planning to do.

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