Saving You

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Ayriel's POV

Me and Wesley settled for a hotel in our city. He was telling me how his little wifey was catching onto him and how we had to put an end to what we were doing. Hell no.

"You're stuck with me." I crossed my arms and smirked at him. "Listen Ayriel. I have no feelings towards you sweetheart, this is all lust." My eyes widened as tears started falling. It's obvious that I'm not good enough for anyone.

"Okay, then leave Wesley. Call me when you need me." Evil thoughts filled my head as I watched him button his shirt up. I wanted to slit his fucking neck but I had even better ideas.

"It was nice knowing you Ayriel, take care." He closed the door. Nice knowing me my ass, he would remember every thing about me once I finished with him. I wiped my face and called an uber. I wanted to get back to my babygirl and pay her dad a visit.

When I got home, I called my mom, letting her know that I was home so she'd bring my baby home. I called Kaydence to see if he was busy also.

"Wassup?" He answered on the third ring.

"Me and Karcyn are stopping by." I told him and hung up before he could say anything. I knew he would tell me to just drop her off but no, today would be different.

Daniella's POV

I pulled my PINK sport pants up before putting my white huaraches on. I hadn't talked to Wesley since yesterday and it was perfectly fine with me.

I grabbed my keys and purse after doing what I had to do and headed out to my car. I felt as if someone was watching me from a distance but I thought I was tripping.

I made my way to my parents house which was way out in the country. I had Monica blasting. When I pulled up, Carlos met me at the door. He hugged me and let me walk in.

"Hola mama." I hugged my mom and then made my way over to my dad, "Papa, Hola." He kissed my forehead. "Hola baby."

"Where's Wesley? He isn't tagging along today?" My mom asked. "No, he's out on a business trip, as always."

"Hardworking man." My dad shook his head and looked back down at his phone. That's what you think I thought.

Carlos walked in and sat on a barstool. "What happened to you letting me stay with you for a lil while Dani?" He asked, trying to be funny. My mom threw a rag at him.

"If I knew you'd act accordingly, I would but.."

"Man, you know I will Dani, don't play me like I ain't got self control."

"We'll see Carlos. Soon." He was 18 and bad as hell. Fresh out of high school with no plans. He was the complete opposite of me but he was my little brother and I loved him to death.

We were all just talking about work, school, me, me, and more me when I put myself in the awkwardest position.

"Kaydence just said he can't wait to bend you over." Carlos whispered in my ear, showing me where Kaydence had texted. I was utterly embarrassed.

"Let me talk to you Los." He followed me out of the kitchen.

"Forget what you have to say. Who the fuck is Kaydence?"

"I met him at the hospital, things escalated, and now I'm kinda like having a- an, an affair." Carlos stared at me like he was trying to comprehend what I had just said, like I was speaking Chinese.

"You can't be serious."

"But look, you'll like him. He's the complete opposite of Wesley." He had this huge frown upon his face. "I won't ever like any of those niggas!"

"Really Carlos? You let dad get over himself before you. That's sad." Years ago, I thought that Carlos would accept the guys that I came across faster than my dad but I was wrong.

"Let me come to your crib and I won't tell." He said, blackmailing the shit out of me.

"Fine. Pack your shit." I rolled my eyes at him and we walked back in.

Kaydence's POV

"I'll be out there a lil later yo. I needa re-up bad." I was talking to Marvin when someone rung my doorbell. "Ight. Hit me up." I hung up and then went to answer the door. It was Ayriel and my baby.

I grabbed her from her and placed kisses all on her face. "I missed you baby." I kissed her one last time before walking back into the living room with Ayriel following. I was surprised that she dressed in something presentable today.

"You must've known I was missing my baby." I said to Ayriel as I laid Karcyn across my lap and kissed her little feet. "Yes, and we missed you too."

"Just give up Ayriel. You know this ain't going no further than us parenting." I glanced at her thirsty ass. She crossed her arms.

"No. I'm not giving up. I know that deep down you still love me and you know it too." I looked down at Karcyn, not even wanting to engage in the conversation anymore.

"I know that soon, we'll be on baby number 2 and hopefully it's a boy." This bitch was really delusional.

"You have serious issues man. You think I'll give you the benefit of having another child with me? Not saying it like that but Karcyn is the only thing that's saving you." I didn't give a fuck if I hurt her feelings just like she didn't give a fuck when she did what she did a year ago.

"You don't believe yourself right now." She laughed hysterically. I shook my head and got up, walking off with Karcyn.

Fellas, never bust in a crazy bitch. Major major key to a happy life.

"Since Karcyn is the only thing that's 'saving me' how about you never see her again?" She snatched her from me and stormed out. I ran behind her but couldn't do much, the littlest thing could harm my baby but I knew she wasn't serious so I didn't bother chasing her outside.

I got dressed and decided to swing by Daniella's. After last night, a nigga was appalled and ready for more.

When I arrived I walked up to the door and knocked a few times. A short dude answered and right then and there, I had saw what I was waiting on. I came to a conclusion that this was the nigga that ain't been fucking her like he was supposed to and me being me, I had to make him mad.

"Is Daniella here?" I was surprised that he had stepped aside and let me in.

"Dani!?" He yelled upstairs and went back to the living room. There's was no way in hell a nigga would knock on my door for my girl and I don't do shit about it.

I watched as she walked down the stairs and into the foyer. "Kaydence! Hey." She came towards me and hugged me.

"Carlos, come here." She was bold and I was confused as hell. Maybe I was wrong.

"This is my little brother Carlos, Carlos this is Kaydence."

"And he is?" This nigga asked, smartly. "A good friend of mine." I watched as she shot him a look and then looked up at me. Silly of me to think this goofy ass nigga was hers. Good thing he is her brother tho.

He nodded and reached his hand out to shake mine. I hesitantly shook it. He was starting off on the wrong foot with the wrong nigga.

"So what brings you by?" I was getting turned on just by her looking at and talking to me. Shit was crazy.

"I don't know to be honest.." I chuckled. She was looking nervous for some odd reason, making a nigga paranoid. She motioned for me to follow her upstairs and I peeped her brother shaking his head as he watched us.

The fuck was that all about?

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