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Daniella's POV, Wednesday

The day went by pretty slowly. I gave my last patient her meds and then finished my assessments before heading home. Being an RN was great but it could get crazy some times. I was living my dream though, ever since I was in middle school I wanted to work in the medical field.

I pulled into my driveway and got out. Carlos was still here so I wasn't surprised that the door was unlocked when I turned the knob. I stepped inside and locked the door behind me.

"I am tired!" I said aloud and headed upstairs.

"I almost kicked you back down there, you scared me." I laughed at Carlos and went to my room. I threw my bag on the floor next to my nightstand and plopped down on the bed. I dozed off into a deep sleep shortly after.

Kaydence's POV

Ayriel was back in town. I was still mad at the bitch but I wanted and needed to see Karcyn. She called and told me that she was on the way to my crib. I grabbed the TV remote and turned the tv on, turning to the news to see what was going on in my city as I waited.

A 16 year old boy, shot and dead over on the Eastend. Shit was crazy out here man, kids dying was normal now. I swear, if you ain't from Baltimore you don't need to come here. Shit ain't sweet outchea and Ima move me & mine up outta here as soon as Dior graduates, I made that promise to myself.

There was a knock at the door and I knew it was Ayriel. I ran my hands over my face before getting up to answer it.

"Where's Karcyn?" I looked at her confused. This dumb ass girl was empty handed.

"I figured your mom wanted her so I dropped her off." She stepped inside and walked towards the stairs.

"Man, don't come with this. You did that shit on purpose, you know I wanted to see her." I said loudly, "and where the fuck you think you going?" This girl always found a way to piss me off, always.

"Kaydence, chill out." She walked back towards me and ran her hands up and down my chest.

"I really can't stand you moe." I pushed her off of me and she smirked. "What the fuck is wrong with you?" She was acting funny as hell and I didn't trust this shit.

"Nothing, come here. Let's talk." I sighed and followed her to the living room, sitting down on the couch. I was a fool for this one.

"I'm sorry for leaving."

"Fuck your sorry man." She took shit to the extreme and didn't even give a fuck how I felt so her apology didn't mean shit.

"Why do you always have an attitude when I come around? You must be fuckin somebody else now."

"When you did what you did a year ago all da love I have for you died Ayriel and since that day, I don't care about what you do so don't worry about what the fuck I do but if you must know, I am fucking somebody else." I shot back.

"Look Kaydence, that was a mistake. You are the man that I'm in love with and what? Who is she?" She scooted closer to me.

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