No Regrets

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Carlos' POV

Tonight was the night that ya boy was going to jail. One thing I don't play about is my sister. Anybody could die behind her. Any fucking body. I ran upstairs to her bedroom and found this punk ass nigga on the floor sobbing. I kicked him in his back and his face hit the floor.

"Ow shit, I'm sorry dude. I swe-" I punched him in his nose and blood rushed out instantly. "Fuck your sorry nigga. Get ya shit and don't come back!" I punched him one last time and watched as he struggled to stand.

"Hurry the fuck up!" He stumbled into the closet leaving a trail of blood behind him. Dani didn't come back upstairs, probably because she knew what was going on.

I should've and could've killed him on the spot but I remembered that my sister needed a place to stay and I wouldn't mess that up for her.

"Didn't I say hurry the fuck up?!" I yelled, causing his pussy ass to jump. He limped out of the closet with two suitcases. I couldn't help but laugh, I barely even touched him and he was limping. Bitch ass nigga.

I wanted to kick his ass down the stairs but decided not to, he probably wouldn't be able to drive.

"And nigga, you ain't welcome here nomo. I don't give a fuck how many bills you pay!" I slammed the door behind him. I walked back into the kitchen and pulled Dani into a comforting hug but I knew she wasn't okay.

"That's exactly why I don't regret doing what I did. I knew he was cheating."

Kaydence's POV

"Go home and get some sleep. We'll try again tomorrow." My mom said as she walked back into the dining room. I nodded and got up to hug her.

"It'll be alright baby, I promise. I love you. Drive safe."

"I love you too." It seemed so unreal. I felt empty inside man. How could I live not knowing if my child is okay? What if Ayriel met another nigga and let my baby grow up thinking he's her father? My mind was in a million places.

I grabbed my to-go plate of food and my phone and keys and headed outside. There was a light drizzle of rain falling and I was glad. Rain always put me in a relaxed state of mind but shit, it probably wouldn't work tonight.

I rode down the freeway just thinking about life itself. I lost my dad when I was 16, he was here for the most part and I missed and loved him dearly. I still needed guidance though, that was part of the reason why I was so carefree with females. I ain't have much guidance.

I pulled into my driveway and got out. I jogged into the house to get out of the rain. It was pouring down now. My driver met me at the door.

"Some girl came by here for you, said her name was Christian and said she'd be back later." I sighed heavily. How in the hell did the hoe know where I lived man?

Fellas, don't fuck crazy bitches period. Major major key to a happy life #2

Dior's POV

"She did what?!" Maybe my hearing was bad but I knew my mom didn't say what I thought she said.

"She took the baby and left because Kaydence doesn't wanna be with her."

"Where'd she go?" I was beyond pissed and needed to see if my brother way okay after all of this.

"That's the problem. We dont know." I pulled my phone from my back pocket and FaceTimed Kaydence.

"Wassup Dior?" He had bags under his eyes and it was quite obvious that he needed rest.

"Are you okay? A little bit?"

"Nah not really but I been praying. Hopefully God gives me answers." I felt so bad for my brother. I had never seen him so down.

"Keep praying then and I'll call and check on you tomorrow." He told me goodnight and we disconnected.

"Mama, I have never seen him sad except for when dad died." My vision became blurry and the tears started falling.

"I know baby. We'll have answers by tomorrow, don't cry."

"That's my first and only niece mama. First and only." She held me as I cried in her arms.

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